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Once upon a time, in a frivolous festival, a group of dwarfs met a group of giants in the royal palace due to an invitation from the ruler of the country. The ruler wanted to know how can he change the dwarfs of his country into giants so that the country can become more developed, therefore several matches between the giants and dwarfs in intelligence, skills, and knowledge were set up, with many judges judging according to their field, and in state of wonder from the ministers and curiosity from the ambassadors of the neighboring countries, the competition started.

The competition between the dwarfs and giants has started and the judges started taking notes to present it to the ruler of the country.


The dwarfs: their performance was incredibly weak, and they have inflated the size of the giants, thinking that they are smarter and better than the dwarfs, believing that what they have of skills and knowledge that they gained after years of hard work is not enough and doesn't equate to anything compared to the skill and knowledge of the giants.

The giants: they didn't just think that they were smart, but they had also acted and talked intelligently. They have also known the value of their skills well and understood that they're not only successful in what they're doing but also superior as well.

Judges notes: the dwarfs must realize that their performance wasn't strong; not because they weren't as skilled or smart as their opponents the giants, but because they didn't control their thoughts, emotions and behaviors in a positive way like the giants.


The dwarfs: the dwarfs have been chained with their fear of failure and fear of success and their fear of being dwarfs, so they had let all their chances go and persisted on defending their weakness with the saying "we can't do it" as well as arming themselves with weak justifications for not striving towards winning and scoring points, then they regretted the chances they missed after every loss.

The giants: the word "fear" has been crossed out from their dictionary as they had not acknowledged the saying "we can't do it", but the question "how can we do it?". If they had made a mistake, they learnt from it and rose up again with more strength and more intelligence, achieving consecutive victories.

Judges notes: the dwarfs must realize that fear kills their dreams and their aspirations to the better, and that that is no way to be "giants like the giants" without overcoming their fears and allowing themselves to do and make mistakes, but repeating mistakes as well to learn and to advance to a higher level of performance and score points to achieve victory.


The dwarfs: they were delusional in believing that they don't deserve victory due to their small size and their many faults. Is that every time a chance to win approached them, they kicked it to the curb thinking that they don't deserve it and that they are unable to deal with it.

The giants: they knew inside of them that they deserve the best, so that appeared in their speech and actions. Is that every time they had chance to score points and win, they utilized it and appreciated it, thus becoming a success magnet.

Judges notes: the big mistake that the dwarfs fall into is that they reduce the value of them deserving to win, which causes their low aspirations and their weak ability to have a chance at victory, and that if they had forgiven themselves and others for the mistakes and gave up their perfectionism, they would have been able to feel that they deserve success and self-respect.


The dwarfs: their inner voice was filled with defeatism and negativity and focusing on the problems and not their solutions. For example, in case they don't advance and score points in the matches, they would tell themselves; "why am I always late? Why does this happen especially to me and not to anyone else? Why am I not appreciated?"

The giants: their inner voice was very different from the dwarfs is that it was very positive and optimistic and seeing the filled-half of the cup, not the empty half of it. For example in case they don't advance and score points in the match, they did not tell themselves what the dwarfs said to themselves, but they had said; "what can I do to advance in the next match? do I do more warm-ups? or do I arrange my team more smartly, and to avoid all the previous mistakes that caused our failure in scoring more points?".

 Judges notes: what is needed in the dwarfs to become giants is to make their inner voice optimistic, and to not care about their inner criticizer and to not give it any attention but to repel all the negative thoughts and to adjust it instead for optimistic and supportive thoughts that support their goals and what they want to achieve.


The dwarfs: believed that they are losers, so they lost in their minds before they started the match, and suffered from depression and defeat due to their unjust judgment towards themselves. They have kept continuously reducing the value of themselves and believing everything that others think and say about them in the vicinity of the party; from their parents, teachers, their bosses, colleagues, friends and those they don't even know but to even confirm and agree with what they say in their mind and suffer from these opinions as if they were actually true.

The giants: they believed that they are victorious, so a strong feeling of optimism and hope possessed them. They gave the right value to themselves and they only trusted themselves, their abilities and those who are worthy of their trust. The opinions of others are just opinions to them and they don't see these opinions necessarily true thus easily dismissing them, so they won in their minds just like they won in the match.

Judges notes: if the dwarfs had rejected the negative programming they have been programmed to since childhood due to bad upbringing and instead adopted the right programming for their minds making them believe in themselves and their abilities to accomplish what they want, and if they have given no mind to the criticism and the reduction of themselves and rejected it, they could've been the giants of their time and accomplished the greatest accomplishments.


And after a long-time waiting and worried faces anticipating the results, the results for the competition have finally appeared; and the shocking thing that surprised all of the attendance was that all of the dwarfs who chose to take the judges notes and improved themselves and their performance succeeded in becoming giants and won, and those who chose to ignore the judges notes stayed in their place at the back as dwarfs, where nobody noticed them till the festival has ended.

The ruler was now sure that his idea was right, since every human's beginning was a dwarf, then changed with the right awareness and diligence and perseverance, believing in themselves and their abilities into becoming giants. People have always looked at giants with wonder, not realizing that they could be like them. So the ruler immediately announced a royal decree; to leave everything, for no civility is useful, and no economical fixes will work without developing the human! Instead of extracting petrol, extract the treasures of his abilities, instead of mineral cores, the authenticity and essence of the human core, these are the treasure that we can truly through them build our country on solid and strong foundations, and to reinforce the righteous manners and to plant true justice in the hearts of our citizens. If we do this, then everything after it would be easy to reach. For the secret that we've always been looking for is;


"Make strong and believing minds and souls with high determination, you make the giants of this time."


Bio: Amany Saad



Article By: Amany Saad

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