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There are significant age-related changes that take place in our brains. These changes can slow down some brain processes. As a result it's harder for us to learn new things as we grow older, and it's even harder to remember certain important information. But Thanks to many years of research it's now easier than ever to sharpen our brains with do-it-yourself techniques and tips that will boost our ability to remember as we age.

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Memory Improvement Technique #1: Be careful with your brain usage.
Our brain is a machine. And although it is a very strong and powerful machine its still limited and needs rest. You should start economize your brain's power by taking advantage of calendars, planners, memo books,lists, maps, file folders, address books so that you can have routine information accessible.

Also have a certain place in your home where you leave your car keys or your glasses and things you use on a daily basis. If you follow rules like that you will save a lot of your brain's power to use in more important situations and cases.

It is also useful to try to brake new information into smaller parts so that you can keep track of your thoughts. It's easier to remember small parts of information. Have faith in yourself.

Memory Improvement Technique #2: Do Not Be A Victim Of Stereotypes.
Have faith in yourself. There are myths about ones age that can lead to a memory failure. When exposing yourself to negative stereotypes about aging (for example that middle-aged people learn difficult and do worse in memory tasks) then you're not making a step forward. You are actually forcing your brain to believe that it will fail as you age.. There's absolutely no proof that your memory will lose its accuracy and strength as you age.

Memory Improvement Technique #3: Repetition is Important.
When you learn something new that you feel it's important to remember or recollect later, try writing it down a few times. Or try to repeat it loud. For example when you meet a new person and you want to remember his/her name, use the name when you talk to him/her.
Instead of repeating something again and again with small time intervals try the opposite. Repeat the information after longer periods of time (e.g. once every one hour, or once every other day etc.). This is especially helpful when you learn complicated new information. Let the brain absorb the information steadily as time goes by. Do not pressure your brain.

Memory Improvement Technique #4: Make use of all your Senses.
Don't limit yourself to use certain senses when you learn new information. Try to use all your senses. For example when reading something try to hear the sounds when turning the page or even smell the book or magazine. Odors are powerful at conjuring memories from the past. Use your emotions to fill your memories with emotional content. It will be much more easy to recollect those memories later.

Try to read aloud the new information you want to learn. Try drawing a picture. Try to visualize the information in your brain. It doesn't matter how you shape the information. It's the process of visualizing that's important because it forces the brain to make more precise information notes!

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SultanSunday, September 18, 2011

I think a relationship of a cleverness of a person is depend with his eyecue, than other things come for learning...

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