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61. Copy good stress managers. Identify those that seem to remain composed during times of pressure. Look at how they positively respond to tough situations and how well they handle themselves. Model yourself on such people.
62. Become more tolerant of others’ faults. Do not allow the wrong doings of others to affect you. There is no point wasting your good energy dwelling on such matters. Accept that no one is perfect including you.
63. Help others especially those less fortunate than yourself. Providing such service not only benefits others, but also gives you an opportunity to focus on matters other than your own. You may also learn that you are actually better off than a lot of other people.
64. Read self help and self improvement books. These books are usually written by world renowned trainers and professionals and contain informative insights into many facets of life related to stress and pressure management.
65. Be prepared. If you are stressed about an upcoming event that relies on you performing well, the key is to be well organised and prepared. Create a plan that will ensure your preparation is thorough and stick to that plan.
66. Watch a professional game of football, cricket, tennis, or some other sport you love. Supporting your favourite team in an exciting atmosphere along side thousands of other spectators is a good way to take your mind off the stressful events that may have occurred during the past week.
67. Be proactive rather than reactive. Whether it be at work or at home, if you proactively manage and attend to your tasks, and not procrastinate, you will inevitably eliminate that feeling of being behind the eight ball or out of control.
68. Expand your circle of influence. Stress can be brought on due to events and influences that are outside your control. By actively working on those areas that you can control directly you will slowly increase your circle of influence.
69. Do not take work home, unless absolutely necessary. Try to maintain a clear boundary between work and home. This gives you the opportunity to recover from the stresses of work encountered during the day, and feel more rejuvenated the following day.
70. Visit self help and self improvement web sites. Like books they contain a lot of useful material related to stress and pressure management. Unlike books, they also can contain multimedia content that you can watch or listen to.
71. Change your situation. If your job is just causing you too much stress and can not be dealt with, or if there are issues in your relationship that can not be addressed it might be time to move on. Do not be afraid to consider this option.
72. Participate in a team sport. It is not only a good form of physical exercise, but also requires that you communicate and work together with your team mates. It also serves as a good social gathering opportunity which can take your focus away from various stressful happenings in your life.
73. Unnecessary stress can be brought about because of lack of self confidence and self worth. The next time you are faced with a challenge, ignore any negative thought and opinions you may have. Replace “No I Can’t” with “Yes I Can”.
74. Enjoy life. Consider every day that you live to be a blessing, not a curse. We are here on this earth to experience both the good and bad, and everything in between. Enjoy it. Learn and grow from it.
75. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on the big picture and deal with the main issues. Do not waste your time and energy fussing and stressing over minor concerns. They are usually trivial and end up becoming non-issues in the long run.
76. Develop a relaxed approach towards your work, your relationships, your leisure, your life. Work with a sense of joy, appreciate your relationships and enjoy your leisure time.
77. Set achievable goals. Goals focus your thoughts and actions on areas that have a defined purpose and meaning. Realistic goals help you to use your time both efficiently and effectively, and provide a clear direction that can reduce your stress.
78. Use a stress ball. By simply squeezing over and over, you tense the muscles in your arms. After releasing, your muscles will become quite relaxed, and the stress will slowly go away. Because stress balls are small you can take one with you wherever you go.
79. Get a pet. Whether it is a dog, cat or a hamster, your pet gives you an opportunity to show and share love and affection. Studies have shown that pets help reduce blood pressure and stress. Pets promote a healthier lifestyle and can even provide better social support than humans.
80. Spoil yourself. It is very easy to forget about yourself while you are attending to others’ needs. Take a break. Go to a fancy restaurant, buy some nice clothes or take a spa. Do not overlook the importance of doing something for you once in a while.

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