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If you don’t clean windows, they accrue dirt, become unsightly and lose their transparency. Not cleaning your windows could also, overtime, damage a window. This is true whether the windows are high up, on domestic or commercial properties etc. You can choose to clean windows yourself, or you could seek the help of professional window cleaners and commercial window cleaners.

Why choose professional window cleaners?

A professional window cleaner will be well equipped to clean your windows, and if they’re commercial window cleaners then they should have the right equipment, expertise and experience to help you. For certain window cleaning jobs, attempting the clean them yourself could be dangerous, especially when we’re talking about cleaning windows that are high up or difficult to access.
What kinds of window cleaning are offered?

Think about it. Whilst windows tend to do the same thing wherever they are placed, they are situated in all sorts of different places. In a small property, such as a domestic property, windows will be easy to access with a ladder. On a skyscraper, windows will be much less accessible, and will be only accessible by abseiling or using a platform.

So, there are various techniques that commercial window cleaners use to clean windows in commercial settings:

At one end of the spectrum you’ve got traditional ladder and bucket cleans. Next you have reach and wash services, which use extendible brushes to clean high windows. More challenging are cleans that involve access platforms, rope work or even abseiling.
Often, commercial window cleaners will engage will a wide range of techniques for cleaning windows. If you own a business and your windows are not easy to clean then it’s definitely a good idea to seek professional help, as their professionals will be well equipped and well trained to clean your windows in a safe and competent way.

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