When's the Right Time to Buy Real Estate? NOW!

Real Estate Buying a Home When's the Right Time to Buy Real Estate? NOW!

Wait for the right time to buy real estate, and you may still be waiting 10 years from now. Despite what you may hear, you'd don't need a crystal ball to make money in real estate. With simple strategies, you can make big profits in real estate, no matter how cold the market seems to be.

Buy Wholesale
The point is, people buy and sell houses every day, even in cold markets. The same principles apply in both hot and cold markets - buy low, or at "wholesale," and sell high, or "retail".

There will always be homeowners who need to sell their property fast, and are willing to let their house "go" for well below its market value. You can always buy houses wholesale and "flip" them or if you know an investor who is willing to pay cash, you can purchase the property and sell it on the same day. The key to wholesaling is locating deeply discounted properties that are easy to rent or flip.

Rent it Out/Wait it Out
When the real estate market starts to slow down, many investors are tempted to sell their properties for what they can and get out of the market. However, you can purchase and rent out that property and still make plenty of money. Renting out an investment property will usually net you a positive cash flow, increase your equity with every mortgage payment, and even make tax-deductible improvements that increase the property value. When the market is hot again, you have a property that has cost you little or nothing to maintain, and has increased in value along with your equity.

The Real Estate market will always have its highs and lows although the market may seem cold right now; it is really just a matter of time until the real estate market becomes hot again. By sticking with and continuing to build on your investments, you will make profits, and be ahead of the game when the market goes up again. But you knew that. You were in it all the time.

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