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One of the best kept secrets used by the small business community is the use of a virtual office for their company. These lease set ups allow for a person to pay a small monthly fee for phone answering, meeting room usage, and much more - without having to lease actual office space.

Virtual Benefits

There are networks of large companies that operate these virtual or instant office centers. You can lease month to month or longer, if you want to lock in at an attractive monthly rate. A phone number is provided to you, which you can have your current phone forwarded to.
Virtual space lease holders can still operate out of their home. When a customer or business contacts you, a staff of receptionists answer your phone. You can then have them forward your calls to your home or have it go to a provided voice mail system. All business owners that join have this included with their plan.

Mail and Meeting Space

All mail is delivered to the main building where your lease is. To the outside world - you are in that building. But instead of paying $1800 a month for a one thousand square foot office, you are paying $150 or $100 per month. Since a small business that has a virtual lease may need a meeting room or conference room - they are available. These are charged an hourly fee to use, usually $10 an hour or so. A temporary or virtual company can arrange a high level meeting and reserve space in a conference room within the office building.

Multiple Office Building Use
Once you are a virtual office holder, you will have access to meeting and conference rooms throughout the country and around the world. If you own occupy mobile space in one city or state, you will be able to reserve meeting rooms wherever you are traveling to or need. This is a huge benefit that traditional or commercial office space users do not have. There are hundreds of these buildings that virtual lease holders can take advantage of. You can also rent a "day office", which allows you to use actual office space or an executive suite for the day. These also can be reserved in any location within the network.

Corporate Office Locations

Other things that are impressive with virtual lease set ups and instant office suites are the locations and style of the buildings. These are many times "Class A" office complexes or newer modern commercial buildings. When your address has a location that is on a well known business street or desirable location, it can give instant credibility. These locations would be considered to expensive for most small companies. A virtual arrangement gives you daily access to a high end office building that you are using as YOUR address.

If you are operating a business from home, but wish to have access to top office locations without having to pay high end rent space - a virtual suite may be the way to go. You should at least check it out and see if it works for you. For many, it's a great first step and many times their best step.

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