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People have a real tendency to buy with their hearts as opposed to with their heads. This can lead to some fairly disastrous situations. This is not to say that you should not feel the purchase in your heart, merely that you should use your head to confirm what your heart feels. It's so easy when you find that amazing home that you have been dreaming of, to overlook little imperfections and problems that could have some serious effects down the road. It's amazing to watch what happens to people when they find the home that to their minds is aesthetically perfect. These times its great that there is a real estate agent there as an in dependant voice.

There are a variety of things that its really important to pay attention to when purchasing a new home. Does the home have that fantastic view of the mountains, or the ocean, or *gasp* both? Question: what are you missing when looking at that stunning view? There may be nothing but then again, it won't hurt to check. Also, you may want to check what is in the future of said view. It's not a stretch of the imagination to think that that view may be intruded upon by development in the years to come. Remember that land is at a premium all over the country so take that into consideration.

The same theory holds true for areas that have empty lots surrounding them. Try to find out if there are development plans in the works for the area. If so, are they residential or commercial. These are things that will also affect your property values in the future so they should definitely be part of any purchase calculation.
Make sure that when you make your offer that it is subject to the home's passing an inspection.This is critical in protecting your interests as a buyer. Pay close attention to what the inspection turns up. Maybe there is something that your agent can use as a bargaining chip. If the home does not pass the inspection then no check should leave your checkbook. Make sure these things are taken care of and your home buying experience will be much more rewarding.

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