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For property developers their show houses are their key selling tool. By showing potential buyers the completely finished home, they help buyers to see themselves physically living in one of their homes.

If that show home is decorated and furnished to a high standard, it will show off the house to its full potential. In addition, they will appeal to potential buyer's personal ambitions and vanity. Everybody wants a nice home and aspires to live in a more beautiful home than they do now. When the enter a show home that is finished to a high standard their aspirational instincts are triggered. They can see what is possible and their desire to live in such a home themselves makes them more likely to buy that particular home.

Tips for Dressing Show Houses
Show houses have to be flawless. People know that they are walking around a new property and if anything is wrong at all, they will form an extremely negative opinion. A piece of furniture with a scratch or scrape can, on a subconscious level, lead them to believe that the homes have been shoddily built. If they feel this, you have lost them and they are very unlikely to buy.

The more modern and contemporary a show home looks the better. People need to be able to see themselves living in such a home. The home needs to be desirable to them it needs to look like the house they are aspiring to own. Therefore, show homes have to be decorated and furnished in a modern way. However, it is important not to go too far and to alienate a large percentage of your potential customer base. For this reason a radical decoration and furnishing approach rarely works when it comes to a show house. Taking the middle road is probably the best approach.

Sourcing Furniture for Show Houses

Furnishing show houses can be especially tricky. Good quality furniture can be extremely expensive to buy and in a show home, it does not last long. However, there is an alternative that works well and that is the hire the furniture you use for your show houses.
To find good quality furniture at great hire rates to finish off your show houses visit the Emblem Furniture website.

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