The advantages of mobile home monitoring are highlighted

Real Estate Property Management The advantages of mobile home monitoring are highlighted

In the global smart surveillance market, China's development is particularly striking According to IMS Research estimate the value of the Chinese video surveillance market had more than 1.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2009, and growth at a compound annual growth rate of 20.2%, it is estimated that in 2014 The market value will reach $ 3.5 billion, the to become intelligent monitoring the industry's most important market.

According to IDC research shows that the main driving force is that government investment in infrastructure and public safety projects to promote intelligent monitoring market in Mainland China, which not only the development of intelligent monitoring market from a single market to further expand into the field of regional and industry needs, and joint bring the effect of market education and promotion, is expected in the next five years, airports, ports, railways, and the field of education will be the most rapidly growing part. At present, the main market of house security products in Europe and the United States and other developed countries the main household, industry and public intelligence surveillance market, form the three pillars of the situation. As for home surveillance market in developing countries is still in its infancy stage, but because of security products have considerable benefits in the protection of the family safety, crime prevention, personal users in fact of house security products has a huge potential demand. Coupled with the popularity of network applications, as well as the intervention of the security and telecom operators, smart network monitoring in the home market is gaining more and more attention, and the emergence of 3G wireless monitoring technology, more intelligent surveillance market has brought great space for development, if the cost of products and services continued to decline with the government subsidy policy and the promotion of education, the home intelligent monitoring market is expected to become an emerging market, and was a significant growth in the coming years.
Commonly used home monitoring systems typically include network camera, video monitors and memory, it has basic analysis functions, you can complete video monitoring, alarm and storage requirements. More advanced monitoring system increased audio surveillance, remote monitoring and alarm calls and other functions. In today's smart phones becoming increasingly popular, as long as the user install a client can be monitored anywhere, not only changed the traditional and backward wiring monitoring methods, monitoring equipment installation, commissioning, deployment and operation more simple and facilitation. 2G/3G/WiFi network transmission, mobile home monitoring system integrates two functions of the phone monitoring mobile phone anti-theft alarm. The front-end network camera comes with a wireless alarm module, it can match the wireless door sensor, probe, smoke detector, wireless alarm trigger device, once someone broke into the home, the system will automatically send text messages to a specified mobile phone users, while locally generated sound light siren alarm. Remote user receives information via mobile phone or computer monitor screen case, and controlled by the mobile phone network camera rotation angle, adjust the focus and the alarm system is armed disarm, activate the phone at the same time recording function and process of police intelligence. More important is the network camera integrated design of the system, all you have to do is plug in the 3G mobile phone card, install the antenna, energized three steps can work, greatly reducing the threshold for the use of the operating costs and user, the series also has helped in the remote elderly care, care of children. Compared with the traditional home monitoring system, based on 2G/3G/WiFi mobile monitoring, set up a flexible, without cable pipe and destroy the original facilities, expansion is extremely convenient, greatly reducing installation costs. Mobile home monitoring wider coverage, monitoring more convenient, anytime, anywhere using mobile phone video surveillance, is not limited to pre-installed on a computer monitoring client.
The core of the intelligent home device is a smart home controller, domestic drip a unified standard for smart home controller, so smart home controller has a variety of different names, such as family controller, residential intelligent terminal . Regardless of the name, and its essence is by bus technology family a variety of information related communications equipment, household appliances and house security devices connected to a home automation system for centralized or remote monitoring, control and family transactional management, and maintain these facilities and residential environment of harmony, the smart home controller provides three major functions: house security monitoring, information services and appliances smart to leave them control. Safe and comfortable home environment is the basic premise of the domestic intelligence and the fundamental guarantee, so house security monitoring is a basic function of the smart home controller. A comprehensive security monitoring system consists of smart home controller, detection sensors and the monitoring center of the cell sectors; house security monitoring system burglar alarm, fire alarm, gas leak alarm and emergency alarm functions. These functions are mainly rely on the detection sensors installed at various locations within the perimeter in the residential and residential signal acquisition. Intelligent smart home controller discrimination, if abnormal, audible and visual alarm, alarm signal transmitted through the network to the cell monitoring center.

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