Taking Care Of Your Rental: Before, During And After

Real Estate Property Management Taking Care Of Your Rental: Before, During And After

Renting properties and homes is a highly profitable business if the enterprise is properly planned and executed. One thing that every landlord has to and will have to deal with is maintaining the condition of their properties. So how can a landlord maintain their properties and keep them in top-notch condition on an ongoing basis? Well, let's break this up into three different categories: before, during and after.

Before - Before a property is rented out there should be routine maintenance done on it. Make sure that the place is clean and clear of mess. Take the time to ensure that all appliances work and have no malfunctions. In order to make the property more appealing, paint the walls. This will give the property a clean slate so to speak and will also give you a memorable starting point for the property against which to gauge and damage that may occur in the future. Also, take some pictures, digital or otherwise of the rental. Make sure to get shots of every room from every angle. In the event that some damage does occur you will want to have these pictures for reference.

During - While the property is rented the best thing you can do is to be vigilant and timely in fulfilling the requests of the tenant (within reason of course). As a landlord you are entitled to do spot inspections of the property but keep in mind that you must give the tenants appropriate notice before entering the home. Make the commitment to respond to requests from your renters in a timely manner. If you are attentive then chances are you will be a popular landlord. Many renters have run afoul of landlords that simply don't seem to care and never get around to fixing things that break or taking care of problems. Having a negligent landlord makes it more difficult for renters to take pride in the property.

After - After a renter moves out the name of the game is making sure that there was no damage done to the property and getting it ready for the next tenants. This is a good time to compare the home to the pictures you took before to see if there are any discrepancies. If the damages exceed the amount of the damage deposit then you have the right to get the additional amount from the renters. Protecting your investment is an important thing so be sure you are ready to do so if necessary.

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