Simple strategies for becoming a superior real estate agent

Real Estate Real Estate Agents Simple strategies for becoming a superior real estate agent

Preparing a property for the market is never an easy feat. As an agent you are expected to perform a multitude of tasks - from the initial scouting for business, marketing, sales, and a fantastic level of service until the prospect is finally ready to take you on board.

Working with sellers is a complex process encompassing so many tasks involved in making a sale that we often overlook the small but important detail of coaching them on ways that they could lose a sale! Sellers often have the viewpoint that real estate agents don't effectively sell' the best features of their property, and feel uncomfortable letting agents do the work. The key in this situation is to make the seller feel involved throughout the whole sales process, while keeping a professional reign over the stages.

So how can you help the seller feel comfortable during the selling process? Here are a few tips to help you get started

1. Research and prepare! Ensure that you obtain details about what the seller thinks is fundamentally important to the value of their property. The next task is to make a list of all of the maintenance that has been done on the property. It is important to help the seller to feel comfortable that you are empowering both the prospective buyer and their agent with all the information for that buyer to fully appreciate the care and maintenance of this property.

2. Some buyers prefer to look around property without an agent or seller in close pursuit. It is important to remind the seller that some buyers feel more comfortable when they are given space and not under pressure from a seller to buy. Remind the seller to leave the buyers' presence for a few moments during the viewing to allow comments and questions about the property to flow freely between agents.

3. Ask the seller to review and make amendments to any listing table that you have readily prepared so that you have a fully detailed brochure available to answer many of the questions a prospective buyer may have. Including a useful information sheet that highlights questions that a prospective buyer might not ask might be a good idea. This list should contain information such as the average utility costs and local bus routes.

By taking the time to make sure that all parties in the selling process are empowered, everybody can be a winner!

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