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When you think of packing and moving, first thing that come to your mid is how you are going to do it all and then you end up hiring a packers and movers company who help you in packing and moving your home. 

Now movers and packers will charge you based on the volume of the goods that is required to be packed and moved to your new home. Of course, you may have a few unwanted or unusable goods that you are not using anymore and may not use in future either. If you are planning to pack and move everything (more items means more load), then its going to more compared to if you take only items that you require and get rid off all unusable and old items.

I have worked with a number of moving companies and have supervised several packing and moving assignments. I am going to share with you a few tips that are going to help you get rid off of unwanted items and save some money.

Creating a List of Unwanted Goods
First thing first, create a list of all items that you think is unwanted (be it usable or not usable). Include everything in this list e.g. clothes, furniture’s, old books and magazines, computers, Radio, television and whatever

Resell Unwanted Items
As you have the list of all unwanted items, you can re-sell items e.g. you can sale all old books to an old book store in exchange of some cash or another book. Similarly you can sale other stuff that can be sold. For example you can sell old furniture’s like dining table or a dressing table to a wood vendor for some cash. You may also sale these items online by posting free classified advertisements on different sites like 

Donate Items to Charities o and NGO
You may like to donate some of your stuff to different charities and NGO who can use them. I would recommend you to donate your clothes, old shoes, sandals etc. There are various NGO who will be happy to accept these donations from you.

I hope these tips help you get rid off all unwanted items and decrease the load and the cost of packing and moving. It will also help you earn some money by reselling some of your old and unwanted items.

Do you have any other tips or advise? Share with us by posting comments below.

Article By: Tinku Bhatt

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