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There are some simple ways of making sure you get more for your house when you sell it – for instance, with house prices rising all the time, you could just sit back and wait for it to go as high as possible. However, unless you have somewhere else you can live for a while until house prices drop again and you can get a similar house for cheaper, this will be a false economy.

Therefore, boosting the amount your house is worth at any time will no doubt be beneficial.

One of the most effective ways to increase the value of your home is with oak flooring. Utilising solid wood flooring instantly makes any house worth more but at the same time will increase the amount of interest you get. So, with the right oak flooring you get the double whammy of higher value and, most likely, a speedier sale.


The cheapest way to boost the value of your home is with a good paint job. Just changing colours and updating your decor can instantly make any home look far more modern and in turn see it ending up worth more.

Alterations to the bathroom will no doubt boost the price of your home, but be sure to make these well before you move as you might not recoup the 100% of the cost of a bathroom overhaul in the extra money you get when you sell, so it is worth getting some use out of it yourself.


Creating more space is one of the easiest ways to make the home sell for more, and the best part is that such an approach can be totally free.


Look at current trends and be sure to make your home as in line with what is in fashion as you can. Whether that means solid wood floors or very effective lighting, just by looking the part, your home can end up selling for a great deal more.

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