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For home owners who purchase a new build property a damp proof course will be included in the build, but if you are purchasing an older property then the chances are that a damp proof course may be needed to cure any rising damp in the building. If a building has already had a damp proof course but many years ago then it will still be necessary to have a new one as over time the damp proofing course will break down and damp will again begin to seep into the building.

If you are looking for a local damp proofing company in your area then one of the first places you need to be looking in the local newspapers and trade publications. Both of the publications usually carry advertisements where companies and professionals can advertise their services. If you live in North London for example, it would be quite easy to find advertisements that state damp proofing North London and a contact number.

Before actually hiring a company to install a damp proof course on your building, you should get a damp proof survey completed of the whole building to assess the damage and extent of the damp inside the building. The survey will determine how severe the damp is and if it could have affected other materials in the property. Maybe you know a friend or relative who have recently had a damp proof course installed in their property and they could recommend a reputable company. If not another great place to find damp proofing companies is via the internet.

All you need to do if you have access to the internet is to go to an online search engine and type in damp proofing North London and it will return a list of companies in your local area with contact details. If you suspect there is rising damp or damp of any kind in your home then it is important to contact a profession damp proofing company as soon as possible to get the problem eradicated from your home to stop any further damage and to get your home dry again.

If you need to sort out damp proofing North London then get in touch with London Home Counties today!

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