Buying a First Home - A Tutorial for First-Time Home Buyers

Real Estate Buying a Home Buying a First Home - A Tutorial for First-Time Home Buyers

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I painfully remember buying my first home. Specifically, I remember visiting dozens of websites to find the information I needed, thinking to myself "somebody should roll all this up into one website."

That's what I've created in Home Buying Institute, a one-stop shop for anyone buying a first home (and hungry for information). By adding new articles and resources on a daily basis, I'm able to offer first-time home buyers what I never had -- a complete and convenient home buying education.

Buying a First Home - The Various Stages

You'll find the information on this website is organized in a way that logically coincides with the home buying process. It starts with financial self-assessment and ends with the real estate closing process. In between, you'll find a complete education that will be a huge help when buying your first home.

First-Time Home Buying Selections

Below, I've gathered below some of the home buying articles I think you should start with. I consider these articles to be required reading for anyone buying their first home. I've selected articles that (A) focus on first-time home buyers, (B) offer plenty of helpful information, and (C) cover each step of the home buying process.

So without further ado, here is my list of required reading for first-time home buyers.


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