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1. Hire a good professional cleaning service. A spotlessly clean home is essential; dirt and odors will turn off a prospect faster than anything.

2. Pay attention to curb appeal. Mow your lawn, trim trees and bushes and remove dead plants. Be sure toys and yard equipment are put away. Make sure that your home makes the best first impression it can from the street.

3. Make sure closets, cabinets and drawers are tidy and de-cluttered. Prospective homebuyers will want to see how ample the storage space is throughout your home. Tidy storage spaces that are neatly organized tend to appear larger.

4. Turn on all the lights. Even in the daytime incandescent lights add sparkle and make rooms more inviting.

5. Turn on fountains and light gas fireplaces. Allow visitors to experience the soft trickle of a backyard fountain, or the glow from your gas fireplace.

6. Play some background music. Some soft jazz playing quietly on a home stereo or over your intercom system will add ambiance and distract from noisy neighbors or road noise.

7. Send your pets away for the day. An open house can be very stressful for pets. Send them away for the day to a friend, neighbor, or pet day care facility. 

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