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   IPL laser treatment for hair removal may be a simple process, but it requires proper skin care of the area that was treated. The time needed for recovery is very less and people usually return to their normal activities immediately after treatment. But aftercare is very crucial in order to negate any chances of complication and to reduce any discomfort that you may otherwise experience.

     1. Redness and bumps immediately after the IPL treatment for hair removal are normal and are likely last up to 2 hours or longer. Normally, treated area feels like sunburn for a few hours and most physicians recommend aloe vera gel or some other after-sunburn treatment such as Desitin to provide relief.

     2. There is no harm in using makeup after the IPL hair removal treatment, except in the case of epidermal blistering. However, new makeup is recommended to diminish the possibility of infection. Don’t forget to put loads of moisturizer before you apply makeup. In fact, you should moisturize the treated area frequently with any moisturizer without alphahydroxy acids.

     3. Doctors advice avoiding sun exposure for at least one month to reduce the chance of dark or light spots. Throughout the treatment, use sunscreen SPF 30 or higher even if you stay indoors.

     4. Abstain from picking or scratching the treated skin and under no circumstance should you resort to any other hair removal method or product on the treated area while undergoing your IPL treatment for hair removal. These will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and prevent you from achieving best results.

   You will notice stubble, representing dead hair about to be shed from the hair follicle, appear 5-30 days after the treatment. This is quite normal and usually falls out quickly.

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AlbertsmithMonday, May 19, 2014

Brilliant post! I certainly like the way you’ve succinctly presented the information. Keep posting great reviews like this! Absolutely fantabulous!

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