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Natural healing has become a sound alternative to the conventional form of healing. In natural healing, the general method employed is the listening to the body’s processes in order for practicing experts to utilize the best healing process applicable for any given disease.

Here is an overview of the different natural healing techniques used today:

1. The Detoxification Process – Detoxification is the process of ridding the body of toxins. The process involves the intake of several detoxification substances like fruits, vegetables, and at times, special supplements. Detoxification effectively flushes out the body fats, cholesterols, and mucus.

2. Chiropractic Healing – This is the process of healing disorders of the muscular and the skeletal system. Chiropractic doctors realign the misalignments of the spinal cord without the use of surgery, mostly through touch alone.

3. Crystal Healing – This is the process of drawing energy from crystals and using it to augment the natural healing process of therapeutic touch. It is believed that different crystals of different colors emit energy that is beneficial to the body. These crystals enhance the chakras of a person and that causes healing.

4. Magnetic Healing – Just like the crystal healing, magnets are also used to speed up the healing process of fractures and broken joints. These magnets are placed within the area of the fracture. The magnetic field produced by these magnets enhances healing. Some common examples are magnetic bracelets, necklace, and anklets.

5. Herbal Medicines – Instead of the conventional medicines that are usually bought at drug stores, herbal medicines are promoted instead. It is the Chinese that started healing with the use of herbal medicines. These medicines can be ingested or may be topical in nature.

6. Aromatherapy - If you can heal through the power of touch, you can achieve the same through the power of scents. This healing process involves being submersed in a sea of scents and oils. The different varieties of scents have different effects on a person. Most of the scents used are extracted from grapefruit, rose oil, and eucalyptus oil.

7. Acupuncture – This is an alternative healing process that started in ancient China. It entails the use of acupuncture needles being inserted into the body’s pressure points. Different ailments have different body pressure points.

Natural healing can be referred to as the process of the body that allows itself to heal without the use of traditional medications and procedures like surgery. The techniques stated above are good complements to the natural healing process.
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Article By: Jeff Cohen

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samanthaTuesday, July 13, 2010

This is true, herbal medications can make wonders. Herbal erectile dysfunction remedy actually saved my marriage.

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