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You can literally overwhelm yourself with how much information there is online about different ways to get pregnant.

Here are some tips that you can use to help you are your partner find the best way to get pregnant.

#1 Ways To Get Pregnant - Figure out when EXACTLY you are ovulating. There are so many people who will tell you that you will ovulate on the fourteenth day after your period. This CAN be true for some, however everyone is different and this would only work if your cycle was a perfect 28 days. Many women have 25 day cycles or even 35.

#2 Ways To Get Pregnant - Cut out the caffeine. Both of YOU! Caffeine can inhibit the production of healthy sperm and can actually increase your chances of miscarriage.

#3 Ways To Get Pregnant - TIME Sex. Once you know EXACTLY when you're ovulating you need to have sex around two to three days BEFORE you ovulate because the sperm can be "waiting" for that egg to come.

#4 Ways To Get Pregnant - DO NOT stand up. The sperm may leak out, keep your hips elevated for up to thirty minutes after intercourse.

#5 Ways To Get Pregnant - I am going to get a little gross here (that's your warning) But you need to be aware of your cervical mucus. I am sure you have really never thought about this before, but it actually is very important in finding out when you will be most fertile. Before you ovulate it will be dry and sticky, and it slowly becomes more clear and stretchy similar to an egg white. When you see this it's time to start "Baby Dancing!!"

If you need some further information on different Ways To Get Pregnant, then please check out the free online ecourse entitled "The Pregnancy Plan".
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