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Beauty, as the saying goes, lies in the layer of the skin. But the importance of skin, besides this, goes deeper. Most of us have the opinion that the skin is just the outer and visible layer of the body. But the skin, according to the doctors, is very much alive and charged with many important duties. Significantly skin is the first immune system serving as the shield between you and legions of germs such as viruses and bacteria. It also protects you by preventing sun, cold, scrapes, cuts and moistures. Everybody wants to make his skin soft and healthy. Of course like any part of the body our skin will turn to be soft and healthy. It can be well nourished or malnourished. Naturally, as known to everyone, the skin goes drier and thinner as the passes of time.

There are some remedies to overcome these problems-
First avoid using long of hot shower as it strips the moisture from your skin and accordingly washes away the protective oils. To check the dryness and miniaturization on your skin scratch a small area of your arm if it leaves a white mark, your skin is indeed dry and needs both moisture and exfoliation.
Your neck and upper chest area is covered with very sensitive skin. To keep this area youthful, use facial cleansing creams that hydrate and cleanse gently rather than deodorant soaps, which can be drying. The another way to protect your skin is to stay away from the products with color, fragrance or those that produce bubbles or have antibacterial on the label.

In the terms of winter season most of the skin sever faces the winter itching problems, that is, in winter you may seem addicted to moisturizers because our skin gets dried and flaky. But as mentioned above hot water robs skin of moisture so better use lukewarm water.
In winter also pat skin to dry instead of robbing with your towel. Moisturizer is the key to soft, supple skin in winter. You can apply products if you feel your skin is slightly damp. After the each alternative week you can preferably use scrub in the shower and exfoliate facial skin with a mild scrub made for the face.
Generally to remove flaky skin we start brushing body in the shower. Whereas using dry body brush is more effecting than brushing in the shower. So use body brush before turning your shower on.
It will also soothe your face if you massage it with cold cream before going to bed at night. If you have pimples avoid doing make up more as the pimples will be increased.
For a dry skin, take spoonful of almond oil then spoonful of un-boiled milk and a pinch of sugar mix and beat the mixture well. Apply it on face with a swab of cotton leaving it on face for fifteen minutes. Wash it off with tepid water.
Take mustard seeds. Clean and grind them. Make a paste either in milk or water. Daily use of the paste is good to give glow on your skin.

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