The Secrets of Soft Lips

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Lips like eyes, ears, nose and hair are the visible part of your body. It is at the mouth of humans and many animals. Lips, moveable and soft serve as the opening for food intake. It also articulates when we speak or make sound. We must protect our lips as cute and soft lips enhance our beauty. Everybody wants to keep his lips pink as it is supposed that pink lips add beauty of the face. Usually men conceal their tendency of cosmetics. Even it is also believed that cosmetics are only for the ladies but man also wants to have dazzling and appealing personality. Cosmetics for man and woman include many sophisticated products including cosmetic for aging skin, irritated skin and sensitive skin.

Lips care for man or woman have become an essential parts of their daily duties. To make our lips softer and stronger we significantly need to follow the some of the basic facts.
The skin of the lip is very thin. The blood supply is much closed to the surface and so the lips appear pink or red. More about lips is that, unlike the rest of the body produce the natural oils but lips do not produce any natural oils (source- Begoun). With the result the lips turn to be dehydrated and chapped more quickly than the rest of the skin. What all the necessities we should adopt for the soft and healthy lips have been mentioned herewith.

     Drink lots of fluids so that the moisture gets your lips and make them lush and hydrate.
     Apply lots of Vaseline on your lips and keep it up in the shower do not wash it off keep it on for a little while. Latter wipe it with cold, wet face cloth.
     In the terms of lips we need to keep our teeth clean. For this use brush ups, teeth whitener, anything to look your teeth cleaner.
     At night after brushing your teeth put some moisturizer on the lips as well we around your mouth unless it looks.
      Put always your favourite color lipstick.
     Sometimes put honey on the lips before going to bed. And for more exfoliation you can add sugar in it.
     Try keeping your mouth shut as much as possible. Breathe through your nose so that the lips may not get dried.
     Try robbing your lips with sugar in a circular motion. Wash it off properly and put on lips balm or Vaseline.

     Apply chilled milk cream on your lips to prevent dryness keep it on for an hour.
     To moisturize your lips, apply butter or almond oil on your lips and massage it gently.
     Biologically vitamin-A is the helpful; for your lips so add in your diet vitamin rich ingredient like carrot, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and legumes.
     Apply some drops of beetroot juice or pomegranate juice with the milk cream. This mixture has wonderful effect on the crack lips.

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