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With the amount of information and products available online, it is extremely difficult to find an authentic source on electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as E-Cigs. If youíve been searching from one website to the other then Electronic Cigarette Reviews is the place, from where you donít have to go anywhere else. It is one platform that would be found particularly useful by smokers, who are trying to quit their habit. While it lists a variety of brands, in this article we highlight the salient features of The Safe Cig.
The Safe Cig comes from a reputable company that was among the first few one to introduce this popular brand among the general public. Since then, the company has gained a lot of experience and continues to produce best quality electronic cigarettes, re-fills and accessories. It was established 5 years back in the United States and is the only company that privately funds its products to help improve them via research and development. The Safe Cig is available in a multitude of kits that suit the requirements of individual smokers. Two of its main categories are the:

-     Original Kits
-     Micro Packs

Each one of these comes with refills and accessories. Whatís great about The Safe Cig is the variety of flavors that it comes in. Currently, it is available in 14 unique flavors, 11 of which are International varieties and the other 3 are standard Domestic. To help assure customers of their fantastic product, The Safe Cig electronic cigarettes come with lifetime warranty on chargers and batteries. While reading Electronic Cigarette Reviews, a constant worry for the people is that in most cases they end up paying an exorbitant amount for electronic cigarettes, which become useless because their batteries and chargers stop working. However, with The Safe Cig, you can get your money back for the failed batteries and/or chargers. Their customer service is worthy of a mention here as their staff is available 24/7 to answer your queries or complaints. Simply contact them if youíre looking to get a refill, an exchange or want to upgrade your E-Cig to the latest technology. In the end, what matters most for smokers is the feel and without a doubt, The Safe Cig provides one of the most pleasurable experiences. It takes care to provide the same amount of satisfaction without including any of the negative effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes. With features such as:
-     30 day money back guarantee,
-     Lifetime warranty and
-     Free Shipping,

The Safe Cig is all about convenience and giving smokers the opportunity to live healthier lives!

About the Author--Electronic Cigarette Reviews have proved quite helpful for all the potential smoke quitters as they are not biased towardes promotion of any product.Bullsmoke is a similar kind of E-cigeratte that only delivers just the amount of nicotine that yoy use.

Article By: Veronica Pierce

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