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A rising number of people are making the most of the sushi catering now available in the UK and even more consumers may start eating these Japanese culinary creations once they switch onto the potential health benefits associated with them.

For example, the seaweed that is often in sushi rolls may boost people’s wellbeing.

One man who is a big believer in the advantages of eating seaweed is Rory MacPhee. He was recently granted an experimental licence by the Crown Estate to handpick and then sell seaweed from around the Lizard Peninsula in England, the Daily Mail reports.
Extolling the benefits of this crop, he said: “Seaweed is rich in nutrients and extremely tasty - a lot of the top chefs are beginning to use it in their dishes.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail noted that seaweed is very low in calories and it contains a lot of nutrients. It has been a staple in Japanese cooking for many centuries, but now it could be making a “more pronounced appearance on UK menus”, the publication suggested.

It also noted that consuming seaweed may boost heart health. Researchers have discovered key ingredients in the plant that help to lower blood pressure. They are similar to certain prescribed drugs.

A major study published last year revealed that seaweed is a rich source of proteins known as bioactive peptides, which are also found in milk. These have a similar effect to ACE inhibitor drugs, which are prescribed to help lower patients’ blood pressure and prevent heart attacks and strokes.
Mr MacPhee pointed out that people can go and forage for seaweed as long as they are doing it for food for themselves or their families. However, if people intend to sell it, they need a licence.

Of course, it is much easier for consumers to simply order a sushi delivery if they fancy a seaweed fix.

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Article By: Lee Malcolm

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