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Slowly but surely people in the UK are learning more about nutrition. They understand that good nutrition is the building blocks of good health. What we eat and drink is the fuel that we give our bodies. Without the right type and balance of fuels, our bodies soon begin to malfunction. For most people eating a healthy diet is more than sufficient. However, this is not the case for all people.

Nutrition for the Sick

When someone is already lacking in a certain vitamin or mineral they can suffer from serious health issues. Over time, most of these imbalances can be addressed by eating the correct foods. However, increasingly doctors and other health professionals are using advanced medical nutrition products to speed up this process. Doing so helps to get the patient back to full health far more quickly. It stops long-term damage being done to their bodies because of the lack of these vital nutrients.
A patient that gets the right balance of nutrients during recovery will potentially recover much more quickly. They will also be better able to fight off infection and to stay healthy once they go home. It is this fact that has lead the NHS to radically overhaul their hospital food to provide a healthier and more balanced diets for their patients. In some countries patients are asked to take certain vitamin supplements prior to operations because doing so speeds up the rate of recovery. For example, a Russian study showed that patients who took a certain vitamin prior to having gallbladder surgery were able to leave hospital two days early.

Nutrition for the Infirm

Good nutrition is particularly important for someone who has not been able to eat or drink properly for a prolonged period. The older the patient is the more this is the case. Across the world, the average age of the population is increasing, so demand for medical nutrition products for the elderly is also growing. Supporting the elderly using good nutrition can significantly increase their quality of life. Having access to good quality supplements also makes caring for the elderly much easier.

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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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