The Healing Power of Affirmations

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The word 'affirmation' has its root in the Latin word 'firmus' which means 'solid, strong'. An affirmation is a confirmation, a substantiation, an assurance that a certain thought will materialize. Affirmations are like seeds representing certain themes in our life that we plant into our subconscious. When these seeds are correctly planted and nurtured, they will yield fruit.

Our thoughts are closely related to our ability to create and manifest positive affirmations. Thoughts are living things. Thoughts are energy, moving quickly and freely. Our thoughts radiate from us and influence our environment. Whatever we create is created first as a thought. Each manifestation of an idea is the result of a thought. The idea is the plan, which then creates the image in our mind from which our thoughts emanate to create their physical counterpart, being the manifestation of our idea.

Just like the plant, also thoughts, images and words function according to the spiritual principle of 'as ye reap ye shall sow', being the principle of cause and effect.
Our human ability to think, to create powerful images and to express ourselves through words is a precious gift holding a powerful force. Every thought and every image created in our head and every spoken word consciously or subconsciously influence our lives, our environment, and us.

By using our thoughts, images and words we can create disharmony and disruption or harmony and healing. Whatever the colors of our thoughts and words - be it positive, negative or neutral, these are the colors we will experience in life. The power of thought is a creative power which can be used either to build or to destroy, according to the intensity dedicated to a specific thought. Our present life is a mirror of our thoughts and words.

For most of us the process of thinking and the expression of thoughts is a matter-of-course, to such extent that we have never really consciously thought about our thoughts and are therefore unaware of the result of our thoughts and words.

Conscious and regular citing of affirmations heightens our senses and activates unknown potential within us. The following are eleven important guidelines for the correct use of affirmations, that -if followed- will help you to manifest abundance and tap into your hidden potentials.
* Avoid negative wordings like 'not', 'un', 'im'. Repeat your affirmation regularly, consciously and convincingly.

* Phrase your affirmations to reflect the present. Combine words, images and feelings.

* Phrase your affirmations to be short, clear and comprehensive

* Speak your affirmations out loud and repeat them mentally.

* Repeat your affirmations while you are in an Alpha state: Before you fall asleep and immediately when you wake up.

* Write your affirmation down and place them in different spots in your home as a reminder.

* Repeat your most important affirmations daily for a period of 21 days .

* Write your affirmations down in a journal

* Keep very personal affirmations secret .

* Combine affirmations with conscious breathing.

* Be aware of negative thoughts.

Sample Affirmations:

I am healthy.
I release all pain.
I am filled with vitality and health.
I am in control of my life and my health.
I have the energy to accomplish my goals.
I let go of old programs that keep me stuck in old patterns.
I accept healing of my mind, body and spirit from the Creator.
I have the time and energy to fulfill all my wants and needs.
I enjoy accepting material abundance.
I achieve my goals.
I am prosperous.
I deserve being successful in all aspects of my life.
I am a winner.
I feel safe in the presence of others.
I can say 'No' without losing other people's love.
I am now willing and ready to commit to a relationship.
I am willing to accept, share and give love.
I value myself.
I am respected.
I love myself.
I am gentle with myself.
I am creating the life I love.
I am confident in myself.
I am strong in body, mind and spirit.
I am open to the gifts of the Universe.
I allow abundance to flow through me.
I act with high intention and purposeful awareness.
I am in harmony with my life's purpose.
I am in perfect balance.
The more I receive, the easier it is for me to give to others.
Spiritual awareness is natural to me.
Success on all levels is a natural part of my being.
Success and abundance belong to my true nature.
My heart and my mind are in total balance.
It is easy for me to meet my ideal match.

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Anita Asman is a spiritual teacher and healer, walking the paths of spirituality since early childhood. Anita is also the founder of The Aumara Light & Healing Circle-A Place for Healing and Inspiration. The Circle offers healing initiations designed to help people embark on their spiritual journey, which often have a profound life-changing effect. Additional healing services include pet healing, global healing, healing crystals and stones, and online classes. Please visit to learn more.

Article By: Anita Asman

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