The Difference Between Looking Clean and Being Clean

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There is a huge difference between something looking clean and something actually being clean. And knowing the difference can be equally as important for both homeowners and domestic cleaners.

Firstly it is worth understanding how long rooms take to actually get clean. If you employ a domestic cleaner, it is important to understand that they will need more than just an hour or two to get a large house totally clean. There are ways for them to do a superficial clean to make it appear that your home is spotless, but unless you allow them enough time to tackle all the areas of your home properly, you will simply be living in dirt that you cannot actually see.

For those doing the cleaning, understanding which household cleaning products to use is also very important. Choosing a cheap cleaning product will mean that very few germs are actually killed and that it takes far longer to actually tackle dirt when compared to using high quality commercial cleaning products.
If you are supplying the household cleaning products, be sure to have the full range of products that are going to be needed. Again, not all cleaning products can tackle all germs, all surfaces or all types of stain and therefore making sure you have the full spectrum of needed products will make a big difference between a place appearing clean and a place actually being clean.

There is a big difference between the two. Whilst the former might satisfy an aesthetic need, there can be many dangers that lurk in every single room if germs and dirt are not tackled in the right way. However, it is also important to be aware that certain germs are actually needed - our children especially need to be exposed to certain types of bacteria to help improve their immune system and allow them to be healthy adults.

Next, be aware of the difference between a tidy house and a clean house. If you employ a cleaner and they have to spend a huge amount of their time just tidying up, your home will indeed look cleaner and tidier, but your cleaner will actually not have had the time they need to use their commercial cleaning products to tackle the dirt and germs that are undoubtedly in your home.

Carpets are one of the most important places to ensure are clean. Carpets may look clean when they actually still have a huge amount of dust and dirt trapped amongst the fibres, and it is this dirt and dust that so often leads people to have allergies. Not only will you need to vacuum carpets regularly, but also use a carpet cleaner to get deeper and ensure that they are as clean as possible, and not harbouring malicious bacteria or even simple dust particles.
There are also plenty of nooks and crannies in which dirt and dust can lurk. Just because these cannot be seen, it doesn't mean that they don't need attention, and again it is far more important to get your house clean and in turn allow you to stay healthy than for you or your cleaner to just focus on the areas that will actually be seen.

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Article By: Aidan Smith

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