Techniques and Tips To Stay On The Diet Track

Medical & Health Weight Loss Techniques and Tips To Stay On The Diet Track

Some people may think that dieting is something that they do whenever they start to feel uncomfortable about their looks and how they feel about their body. They go on a quickie diet program and watch everything that they eat and exercise regularly. And as soon as they achieve their weight goals, they think that is the end of dieting and go on to reward themselves for the hard work.

It starts with small snackings of potato chips and then they feel that fat big burger surely cannot hurt since they have been deprived for so long. Oh yes, that goes for the sodas too, and the icecreams. After all, having lost some weight means one deserves to eat more of those comfort foods.

And yet people grumble that dieting does not work and that it is so hard to maintain weight loss. What really does not work is how people see what dieting is about. They look at the future and dread all the less-than-fun foods to eat if they were to maintain their weight loss. They get disillusioned and think this cannot be what life is about, after all, living is about eating well.

You can live and eat well and have a great body as well as good health if you wish it. The key is to have a change in mindset and accept that obesity or being overweight is hazardous to your health and that looking and feeling good is connected to your state of health and weight.

Here are some simple techniques and tips to get you started on a journey of keeping your diet on track. Remember you need to make gradual steps in order to ensure that you are not easily defeated:

* Consider bean-based or vegetarian meals once or twice a week. Eating vegetables is the best thing you can do for your weight and health. Start to gather vegetarian recipes that are tasty, crunchy,interesting and not the soggy ones. To ensure that you look forward to eating vegetarian, consider also soya products like tofu, which can be cooked together with vegetables or steamed using sauces.

* Start eating more of the metabolism friendly foods that you are already familiar with and enjoy, for examples carrots, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes which are sweet and delicious, have no fat and have low glycemic index.

* Make a gradual switch to lower-glycemic whole grains for example pastas that are partially made from whole-wheat and white flour - that is if you are not fond of taste and texture of whole grains. Learn how to make interesting food out of barley, perhaps add on to rice for a start. Find out how to make barley drinks, it is nutritious and delicious.

* Spice up your food, who says losing weight means you must suffer bland food. Learn how to spice it up with balsamic vinegar, garlic, spices, lemon, salsa and sauces which are fat-free or organic. You can make your own salad dressings that use low-fat ingredients. If you decide that you want to learn how to spice up your food, you will be led to such recipes.

* If you must snack, opt for air-pop popcorn to replace chips, or sorbet or fruit pops instead of icecream. Dieting does not mean you cannot snack but make a habit of grabbing fruits or low-fat snacks. In this way you are only changing the food and not the snacking habit which might encourage you to sustain your dieting effort.

These are some techniques which you can easily get started on and gradually implement and once you get the hang of it, you can increase the amount of the healthy foods you need to eat to lose and maintain your weight.

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