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The skin is subjected to a great many problems and potential sources of damage all day every day. Toxins fill the air in the shape of exhaust fumes and smog while lifestyle choices such as smoking and even sitting out in the sun can have a major detrimental effect on the skin. Yet, it is one area of the body that is most often associated with signs of aging. The younger our skin looks, the younger we look, but when lines and other blemishes appear, it can give our skin an older look. Skin care products can help rejuvenate the skin or help us create the look we want from ourselves.

Exfoliators are so named because they exfoliate the skin; they remove dead cells, typically from the face which is an essential part of a quality skin regimen. If you intend to add any kind of makeup or any other skin care products you should exfoliate first so that you know your products are being applied on soft, good quality skin.

Makeup remover is another important aspect of caring for your skin, especially if you have taken the decision to start wearing more makeup. No matter how well you wash with soap and water there will usually be some oily residue left from the makeup and it is down to makeup removed to help remove this thoroughly from the face before you apply any more skin care products.

Moisturiser rehydrates the skin which can instantly give your face and neck a better look. Hydrated skin will also be less likely to crack and it will be plumper which means that fine lines will be less likely to appear and you can continue to enjoy the look of youth; yet another essential addition to your list of skin care products.

Typically, the more natural the skin care products you use, the better they will perform and the less additional damage they will do to your skin. Those that are packed with synthetic and chemical ingredients may actually do your skin more harm than good and while this damage may not show straight away it will over time.

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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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