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In the raging debate of silicone vs saline breast implant, there is a third option that has not been considered. No breast implants at all. While this is an unconventional entry in the silicone vs saline breast implant discussion, it is one that has to be considered. It is the unsung third option, the silent voice that struggles to be heard by many who think it is only down to silicone vs saline breast implant when it comes to making a decision. Regardless of who wins out of the silicone vs breast implant debate it still results in surgery, and it still results in changes. Mentally and physically you are going to feel different.

Maybe you won’t be happy with the change despite working through silicone vs saline breast implant decisions. Maybe you think you want to go smaller, or maybe bigger, or maybe you’d regret getting them all together. The silicone vs saline breast implant debate is based in insecurity first and foremost. They’re having this debate because they feel insecure about their natural breasts. They’re either oddly shaped, too small, or too saggy, but who really deems these breasts to be incorrect? The person deems them incorrect, it is a self assessment based on what other people look like. The silicone vs saline breast implant discussion need not happen if someone is happy and accepts themselves as they are.

There is a lot to be said for this discovery of self love in the silicone vs saline breast implant discussion. For one it saves the cost of surgery and any extra surgery on top of the initial one. Most importantly it teaches people to be happy, which is more important over breast implants no matter your position on silicone vs saline breast implant. Being happy with your body and your breasts is definitely a choice all people considering surgery should consider, there is more to life than looking like a stereotypical cover girl model, and beauty is always subjective. If you hate your breasts there are bound to be many people who absolutely love them and find them perfect.
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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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