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If you want semi permanent eyelashes there are plenty of products available. In the past decade, new production techniques have been introduced, which have given consumers a better choice than they once had.

It is now possible to buy lashes in a range of lengths, shapes and thicknesses. They are all applied to the wearers eyelids or existing eyelashes using glue to keep them in place.

Types of Semi Permanent Eyelashes
The most common type of semi permanent eyelashes are those that come in a strip. In the packet, they look like a full set of eyelashes. They come in an array of colours, lengths, thicknesses, some are curled up at the edges and the way the lashes are laid out also varies. It is possible to buy partial strips, for application to only part of the eyelid, but these are not commonly available.

To give a more natural look many people are choosing to buy flares or individual lashes. Flares are small clusters of eyelashes. How many lashes are in each cluster varies from between 3 and about 7. Nowadays, the most popular type of false eyelashes are individual lashes. They are far more natural looking. Some are designed to be stuck to the lid, whilst others are stuck to an existing eyelashes.

Where to Buy Semi Permanent Eyelashes

If you have never worn false lashes before it is worth visiting a beauty parlour for advice and trying out different kinds of lashes. Doing so lets you learn more about the kinds of false lash systems that are available and establish which is best for you and the look you are after.
One of the best places to buy semi permanent eyelashes is the web. Online, you can buy all three types of semi permanent lashes. There you get the best choice and private individuals can buy the same products that professional beauticians and makeup artists use. It is best to look for a website that specialises in false eyelashes they sell the best quality products. Look for a site that sells application accessories as well as good quality lashes.

For the best selection of semi permanent eyelashes visit the Eyelash Emporium. We sell accessories, glue and other items as well as false eyelashes.

Article By: William Pollard

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