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If health and safety is of paramount importance in your given industry and you’ve exhausted all avenues by: kitting out your First Aid kit with the largest selection of Elastoplast, tested every fire alarm and given your staff the training they need to safely evacuate the building during a bomb scare; you need to look closer to home for one of the most obvious safety hazards. An uneven surface could be the root cause of a trip or fall which would result in certain injury and in some cases, even death.

So what is screeding London and how can it create a level playing field (no pun intended!) for your company?

Screeding London is a process by which cement screed is applied in a thin veil to an unsafe flooring space which, when poured in situ on top of structural concrete and insulation matter, creates a self- leveling process to smooth top surfaces of floors. Screeding London can be particularly troublesome when being attempted in commercial environments but can usually be undertaken effectively.
If you keep hearing about screeding London and you work in the construction industry but remain in the dark as to how it would make your workspace any safer than it already is then – UK leading screeding London service providers – is well worth a visit and can give you all the information on screeding London that you’ll ever need to drive you forward from ‘at risk’ to ‘perfectly safe’ in no time at all.

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Article By: Tommy Wayne

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