Reduce body fat safely with exercise and diet

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Without gimmicks or false advertising bombarding our senses we are left to the timeless conclusion of common sense. We must exercise and eat a better diet to lose body fat safely.

We have all heard of several "Diets" from the "30 pounds In 30 day's", or the "eat meat, bacon and butter", or the one that makes me chuckle from time to time -"cabbage soup and water". My point is that no matter what "Diet" you will follow you will become ultimately disappointed and confused as to what really works!

Take just a moment to right down all of the "Diets" you've heard of or ask yourself one very important question: Did any of these diets work long term for you or anyone you know? Our experience at Simplefit has shown us over the years that "Diets don't work!" Consistency, moderation, and healthy food choices make any meal time preparation effective in terms of weight management.
Simplefit is pleased to offer meal planning solutions that work! No "Diets", "Pills" or "Powders", just extremely effective and specific planning with your comfort, health concerns, and success in mind!

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Avoid The "Yo-Yo" Diet

Diets don't teach us the safest, most effective ways to eat; they don't teach us how to deal with our cravings and our desires. Eventually, we become tired of the complexity, the hunger, the lack of flavor, flexibility, energy, and the feeling of deprivation. We quit our diet and exercise while gaining back the weight we've lost; usually gaining even more!
Each time we go on another diet of deprivation, the weight becomes more difficult to lose, and we become even more frustrated and discouraged. Many of us who diet get caught in a "yo-yo" cycle. It begins with low self-acceptance and results in structured eating and living because we lack trust in our body and are unwilling to listen and adhere to our body's signals of hunger and fullness.

Most of us have lost the ability to eat in response to our physical needs; we experience feelings of deprivation, then binge, and finally terminate our "health/fitness" program. The binging is caused by cravings for sugars and sweets; this is a sure sign of improper nutrition. In turn this leads to guilt, defeat, weight gain, low self-esteem, and then you're back to the start of the yo-yo diet cycle. The stress and emotional strain we condition our bodies with are a result of many years of dieting causing our bodies to lose and gain weight throughout the course. This in turn causes us a size and weight obsession, coupled with low self-esteem. Most of the losses in body weight for this matter are temporary.

Success and happiness do not just happen by accident. It takes planning. Success with anything is the result of planning, a conscious effort and precise decisions. Happiness and success are not the result of luck or random choice. They do not depend upon the circumstances in which we find ourselves, it's how we interpret those situations that counts.

Set Your Plan Into Action

It's true that most of us were never taught goal-setting as a kid. However, this doesn't mean it's not necessary to practice today. One step listed below is setting clear and attainable goals, it is the only way to achieve what we set out to do. What success and happiness means to you may not mean the same to others. If you were to ask this question to 100 people, I would probably produce 100 different answers. Troubles can begin while we are learning a new lifestyle, they can produce obstacles, speed bumps and many other issues.

Expecting success without hard work and planning will leave us feeling frustrated and exhausted. "I don't have enough time to plan", this is what we hear most. Rather than focus on how much time and energy it takes to plan your goals, realize how much time and energy will be wasted by having to start over correcting your errors due to ineffective planning.

Further, we have found that too many folks simply say, "Well, when I get motivated I'll start." Motivation only happens when you take action. While you have been waiting, life has been happening. So, go ahead and start living. Just think that if you had started your program when you first thought of it, where you would be today? Writing out specific goals is necessary if you want to succeed with anything. Put those goals in writing and work your plan.

Ready to make a change today?

It is our mission to introduce healthier living through Client First Servicing; offering effective, safe, and simple solutions to your fitness and nutritional needs. Thank you for taking the time to read our website; please feel free to present any suggestions, questions or comments.

Article By: Derek Curtice

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