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If a man faces any health hazards it is mostly because of his own fault. Especially if he is man who thinks smoking adds charm to his personality or drinking makes him looks cool in groups. Then it is only fair to say that it is well deserved to him. But let’s not be that mean and cut some slack here. Many men who do it out of fashion, while there is other who are so addicted to smoking that it is impossible for them to quit it easily Probably when they know what smoking does to a human body, they will or might think of quitting cigarettes.

Moreover smoking doesn’t problem only to those who take it directly, passive smoking is also as harmful. People around you will have to bear the consequences of your mistake. Why kill them? Smoking is said to be injurious to the health because of right and justified reasons. It contains nicotine which is very addictive. It is said that if a man or for that matter even a woman starts smoking once,he or she then finds it difficult to quit. Nicotine if enters the body in heavy quantity it then leads to problems related to the lungs and liver.

Mostly everyone say that death cannot be prevented however smoking is one of the most easily preventable. Smoking has led to death also, so now that can be prevented too. You can also prevent anykind of breathing troubles if you plan to quit smoking. Another major problem that smoking gives is asexual problem related to men called erectile dysfunction. It is a medical condition where the man is unable to achieve or sustain an erection. And this leads to dissatisfactions between married couples. A man also starts to look pale and unhealthy since smoking shows very bad signs on the face.
To cure erectile dysfunction the healthcare industry has come up with many new anti-impotency drugs. Kamagra or edegra are some of the best erectile dysfunction drugs. They are available in the form of jellies as well as tablets. So they are easy to consume and helps a man get erection and also sustain it for longer hours.

Smoking can also be avoided. Quitting smoking looks like a Hercules task but it is not impossible. One best way to quit smoking is to think about any one person who has lost his life due to smoking. If you there is no one in the family or friends, you can look up on the internet. That will bring a sense of determination and it becomes easy for you to quit smoking.

Also attend de-addiction courses so that you have the will power and a constant push to quit smoking.

Article By: jennifer moss

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