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In gigantic cities like the metropolis, lifestyle is quite fast tracked and instant. People are so much work conscious or should say that they are so much workaholic that the lifestyle especially of people who are working is very much fast paced. Along with the technological changes there are big changes in peoples life. With the blink of an eye, things around is changing. There is a rush in such cities about ambition and career.

There are two things which can be seen easily in such cities is that there are some people who are want success, name, fame and money; so they are busy with the and the rest are busy in enjoying there luxury and status; keen about parties, shopping and many more goods and bad.In such a rush for success people generally want to fly high. They start working and expecting a lot from there own self. It is good to be ambitious and to work to full fill your dreams and ambition.

But to full fill there dreams they are in a habit of taking a lot of stress, tension and pressure. Stress, tension and pressure have the capability of putting any one is depression as well as it even spoil decision making.In present scenario we can see that both male and female are working. Both are equivalently qualified as well as work conscious now a days.In this situation when a boy and a girl plan to get married then they face lots and lots of problem.
The problem which comes up is that they both are working, both very serious about there work and career. They start having problem when the word commitment comes in and the reason is that they both are working and it is a bit problematic. The couple face problem because they both have there own sphere of work and seriousness about there work then how come they are going to manage there relationship as well as the up coming family.

To get answer and to take a good and proper decision these couple looks forward to marriage counselor who help them with tips and advices on there tension and queries regarding there marriage. There are numbers of good marriage counselors in Delhi who can help you out of tension. In the same way tension and pressure is also felt with children now a days and the reason is that parents expectations are increasing day by day and children have to go through all this. There are some good child psychiatrists in Delhi as well as there are psychiatrists in Delhi who can solve out your child problem as well as tension.

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