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Stress plays a big part in triggering or aggravating all major illnesses; including cardiovascular problems, strokes and also, diabetes. Researchers have determined that work related stress is linked to many metabolic syndromes including high cholesterol and triglycerides and high blood pressure. Thus, to prevent diabetes, you should think about reducing the level of stress.

A study was recently conducted that included over 10,000 men and women between the ages of 35-55 years old. The study aims to prove that there is a link between work related stress and metabolic problems. Prior to joining the study, the participants were tested to see if they had any metabolic problems. The study concluded that the more work related stress that the individual experiences, the more likely that the person has or will be diagnosed with a metabolic problems, including diabetes. People who work in chronic stress were found to have twice the risk of developing diabetes. Researchers concluded from this study that stress does increase the risk that you will develop a metabolic problem and/or diabetes.

Learning how to cope with stress at work will aid in preventing diabetes from developing. What do you do to handle stress at work? Do you let it go when you leave the job or do you carry it home with you? If you cannot let it go, you are hurting your body and increasing your chances of diabetes.
Here are some ways that you can help relieve some of the stress at work and hence prevent diabetes.

- Regular breaks can help if possible. If possible, get up and move around your office at least one time per hour to keep your stress down.

- While sitting at your desk, you can do relaxation and stretching exercises.

- Replace your caffeinated coffee and soda with water.
- Leave the work in the office if you can.

- If you have days off, then take them. Avoid social situations where the talk will revolve around work.

- Deep breathing and relaxation techniques can help you relieve your stress levels even while sitting at your desk.

The link between stress and metabolic diseases is strong. One reason is that stressed people do not take proper care of themselves by exercising and eating well. This, along with the stress hormones, increases your blood sugar levels, too. The key to keeping your blood sugar levels stable and to prevent diabetes is to learn how to deal with stress.

Keeping your attitude positive can help reduce your reaction to stress. If you feel yourself starting to get stressed, then it is time for you to do something positive for yourself, such as take a walk, read a book, listen to relaxing music, or call a friend. Anything that you find makes you feel good and lifts your spirits is what you need to do to keep the stress from hurting your body and to prevent diabetes. Breathing techniques can help you relax, increase the oxygen to your brain, and make you feel better, too.

If your job is causing most of your stress, then it is time to do something about it. You should talk to your boss and see if you can find ways to make it less stressful. It is also far better to take on a less stressful position than to be stressed and unhealthy. If you want to prevent diabetes, there is much that you can do to improve on the stressful situation.

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