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Optical coherence tomography, or OCT, is the very latest way to examine the eye. As the name suggests it gives an optician the chance to see the topography of the eye. It involves extremely advanced imaging technique that produces a very detailed picture of the entire eye.

The imaging apparatus used allows the microstructures of the eye to be mapped, including the layers of the retina. For opticians this new technology is a great leap forward.

Why Optical Coherence Tomography is Important
The fact that Optical Coherence Tomography gives the optician such a detailed picture of the eye is important. It makes it far easier for them to diagnose numerous problems with the eye. Serious problems such as glaucoma, age related macular degeneration, macular hole and diabetic macular oedema can be picked up quickly and treated. For all of these conditions early diagnosis helps to ensure that the patient does not lose their eyesight.

OCT technology helps the optician to put together a more accurately targeted treatment program and to monitor the progression of treatment or accurately. As a result, the optician can be far more effective in helping their patients using this revolutionary new tool.

Understandably, more and more people are looking for opticians that offer this superior eye care service. They correctly conclude that their eyes are one of the most important organs in the body. They understand the importance of investing in their eyes and buying the best eye care possible.

Finding an Optician That Uses Optical Coherence Tomography
Currently, not many opticians have the ability to carry out an OCT scan. Buying the equipment represents a significant investment and training staff to use it takes a considerable amount of time. As a result, only the best opticians in the country have, to date, been able to invest in the necessary equipment to offer this advanced eye examination to their customers.

The best way to find those opticians who can carry out an OCT scan is to do an online search for 'Optical Coherence Tomography +the name of the city nearest to you'. This is because most of the opticians that offer this service are located within large cities.

Viewpoint, in York is one of the very few opticians in the UK that offer Optical Coherence Tomography. Contact them today to make an appointment.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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