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Nutricia is arguably best known for its Danone products but this is just one range of nutritional supplements and products that the company makes. Consumers can also buy Neocate which is a cow's milk substitute which is typically used for babies and infants in order that they can still benefit from many of the nutrients that are found in milk. Nutilis is created for use by patients who have serious problems swallowing, for example, because they suffer from dysphasia, in order to thicken food and drinks to an appropriate consistency.

Identifying a caw's milk allergy in your own baby may prove difficult but if your healthcare provider has suggested that this is the case then it is likely that you will be given, or advised to get, Neocate. This is a milk substitute supplement and it can help to combat a number of gut related illnesses and food allergies.

It isn't just babies that suffer from mil allergy symptoms and around half of those babies that do suffer will still have the allergy once they pass the age of 12 months. There are various stages of Neocate that can be taken in order to help protect your baby and ensure that they continue to enjoy the appropriate intake of nutrients that would normally be offered by cow's milk but without having to endure the nasty side effects.

Your healthcare provider or Speech and Language Therapist may have recommended that you use a product called Nutilis. This thickening powder can effectively be mixed with either food or drinks to create more manageable and palatable meals. What's more, it has been designed so that any solids and liquids that have been treated with the Nutilis will retain the same consistency for a period of time rather than reverting to its more liquid, original state.

Products like Respifor and Fortisip are to be used under medical supervision. They can help improve the lives of people that suffer from various diseases. All such supplements are meant as a means to improve the daily intake of certain nutrients in patients that are unable to take them in a standard diet.

Visit the Nutricia website to find out more about the range of products they make and how these products can help improve the nutritional intake of patients.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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