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With an NHS dentist Hull residents can enjoy great quality treatment at low costs. What's more, NHS pricing is not only cheaper than private but it is typically a lot easier to follow. There are effectively four different bands and each band of work carries its own price. You only pay the cost of the highest band in which your treatments fall and you only pay once.

The banding system that is employed by any NHS dentist Hull is such that you can enjoy inexpensive dentistry work. There are four bands and your treatment will fall into one of these bands. If you have a single treatment completed then you pay the price for that band. If you have more than one treatment, you pay the cost of the highest treatment band once but you do not pay any other charges. If you need 10 fillings you still only pay the band 2 charge of £48.


Band 1 treatments, which cost £17, include the diagnosis, maintenance, and planning of treatment for your teeth. Scaling and polishing, your initial consultation, and basic x-rays fall in this band. If you do not require any work and simply have a scale and polish during your check-up then this is the price that you will pay. However, if you require more work then you will advance in to another band.

Band 2 consists of simple treatments including fillings and extractions. These cost £48 regardless of how many you require. Band 3, which is the highest band and attracts the highest charge of £204 is for treatments that require the provision of dental appliances. Appliances can include dentures, bridgework, and more. Your NHS dentist Hull will be able to tell you the cost of any treatment before that treatment commences.

Using an NHS dentist in Hull means that you can enjoy lower prices and more transparent pricing than you would have to endure if you were to go private. You can still enjoy top quality work and treatment that is designed to improve your dental hygiene and ensure that you have healthy and long lasting teeth.

Contact EastHullDentalCentre.co.uk for more information on our services and costs. We are a leading NHS dentist Hull residents can rely and depend on.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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