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Looks have always excited everyone. Beauty is adored by all but there is a false notion that the male part of the society just wanted to look masculine and macho. But this is proved wrong. Along with a great body men wish to have an attractive face. Even men are inspired to beauty salon to get some serious enrichment in looks through facial, massage and re-styling the hair.

Here are a bunch of men beauty tips which will help them to gain their desired look.
• Give your face an exfoliation at least once for a week.
• Use a sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from sun damage.
• Using a toner on your face will firm up your skin and it can also reduce the size of your pores too.
• It is important that you always shave carefully.
• Do conditioning regularly for beautiful and healthy hair
• Grooming your hands and feet is also equally important
• Always trip the unwanted and extra hairs
• Eat right and drink plenty of water for healthy skin

Flawless skin is what we all want. But due to excess exposure to sun, the beauty of the skin is taken by these freckles. Freckles are common skin problems. Though they are not dangerous they take away all the beauty from the skin.
But there are ways to get rid of freckles. Here is handful of tips on how to remove freckles.
• Rubbing lemon on the skin can fade freckles as it has a natural acidic to power to lighten skin
• Another way is rubbing onion but the only problem in onion is the smell
• Use sunscreens through the year when going out in the sun.
• Cucumber juice also helps in removing freckles.
• Natural Parsley juice with lemon juice can also help in fading freckles
• Washing face with sour milk is also a beneficial remedy
• Papaya juice also helps in skin blemishes and lightens freckles.

“Good things do not come in nice, good looking packages.” This is true for Jaggery. Jaggery is the safest and purest form of sugar obtained from sugarcane. It contains natural goodness of vitamins and minerals. Jaggery health benefits are its ability to cleanse the body and sweeten the food in a healthy manner.

Few other health benefits of jaggery can be
• Diabetic people are often advised to replace sugar with jaggery
• Purifies the blood
• Extremely beneficial for anemic people as it is rich in iron
• Helps maintain blood pressure levels due to low amounts of sodium
• Reduces water retention in the body so controls weight of the body
• Rich in anti-oxidants so helps in fighting the free radicals in the body
• Strengthens the nervous system
• Helps control indigestion and constipation problems
• Extremely beneficial for throat and lung infections
• Helps in preventing breathing problems and asthma
• Helpful in relieving fatigue and relaxes muscles and nerves
• Prevents rheumatism

So, what are you thinking? It is not late yet. You can still switch on to jaggery from today. Just add it to your meal and feel the difference.
The writer of this article is having a long term experience in the health, beauty and personal relationships, the writer is also providing various Men Beauty Tips and writes so many articles on How To Remove Freckles, the writer is also answering the questions like Jaggery Health Benefits .

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