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In the past people rarely worried about what the pest control products they used were made of. They simply wanted a product that was easy to use and that worked. Today, people are far more aware of the damage that chemicals can potentially do to them and to the planet. As a result, consumers are increasingly looking for pest control solutions that are natural, but still work well.

Manufactures, like Wondercide, have met this new demand. They have been producing a natural range of pest control products for several years. Sales have increased and they are developing and bringing new products to market on a regular basis.

Natural Pet Care Products

One of the biggest areas of demand for natural products is pet care, in particular grooming and pest control products. Most people treat their pets against common, but very harmful pests, such as ticks and fleas. However, increasingly pet owners are realizing that the chemicals in these products are quite harsh. They are extremely effective and kill off fleas and ticks, but many owners worry that applying harsh chemicals to their pets fur or skin is not good for them. Some of these products work by entering the bloodstream and being carried throughout the animal's body. This means that the chemicals are inevitably carried to an animal's organs. Although it is at diluted levels pet owners worry that over time it can have an adverse effect on their pet's health.

Fortunately, there are several alternatives made from natural products. They are no more expensive than the existing products and are just as effective.

Natural Products for Humans

Another area where there is increasing demand for products made from natural ingredients is beauty products, in particular skincare products. People are increasingly aware that the skin is the body's biggest organ. They realize that anything that is applied to the skin is partially absorbed by the body. Once in the body the chemicals in skin care products are carried throughout the body. Over time, levels of chemicals build up and many people believe that this can damage their health. As a result, consumers are increasingly demanding beauty and skincare products made from natural products rather than from chemicals.

For a great selection of natural products for you and your pets visit, they sell a wide range of natural products at great prices.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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