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Women today want to have planned families, they are both mothers and career women at the same time. This can not be if one does not use the right family planning method.

Mirena is one of the many family planning method available for women today. Its a flexible intra uterine T shaped device which is placed on the womb of a woman. It releases small amount of a chemical combination called levonorgestrel which prevents a woman from getting pregnant.

Mirena is mostly recommended for women who have already gotten a child and want to determine when next to have another. Before you use the device, you need to get a medical check up to know the state of your body. With this in mind, mirena should always be inserted by a professional, in that case a doctor.
The doctor will do a pelvic scan to determine the size and position of your uterus for better positioning of the mirena. A pap smear examination is required to eliminate any abnormal cells, a pregnancy test is necessary in case you are already pregnant, your body pressure should also me measured and lastly a test for any kind of infection. You can not use the device if you have any of the above condition.

The doctor should also know if you are allergic to any of the composition found in the chemicals used in mirena, if one is allergic then they can not use mirena. Remember not every one can use mirena and that is why you need to consult with your doctor or physician before use.

Mirena is a relatively safe medicine but just like all medication and depending on different people, there might be minor side effects. Some women may experience light headaches, nausea, abdominal cramps and even the breast may become tender. Others may gain some extra weight or get some acne on their face.

All these side effects should be temporary and will last for a few months then disappear, but if they persist, you should see your doctor for further advice. The mirena device last for 5years but you should have a check up 6 months after its put then a check up every other year.
Mirena is used to prevent you from getting pregnant and not from getting sexually transmitted disease. Its advisable to still use a condom if you are not sure about your partner to prevent getting infected with STD or any other disease which are transmitted through sex.

For a woman who is tired of using the pill every day and messing up the days, mirena is the ideal method to prevent pregnancy until you are ready and want another child. When you are ready for another child, whether the 5 years are over or not, you just visit your doctor and have it removed. Your periods should come within the month and then you start tying for another child. Getting pregnant will depend on each woman.

Mirena has women the freedom of choice and a chance to enjoy their life and motherhood.

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Article By: Maria Adli

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