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Fragrances are no longer purely the domain of women and as men have become more obsessed with looking good, the range of men's fragrances has increased significantly. Fragrances are definitely considered cool and there are many designer labels as well as well known names in fragrance manufacturing that now create great smelling men's fragrances. Choose fragrances from the likes of Diesel, Lacoste, Davidoff and many other leading names.

Men's fragrances will usually have woody smells coupled with citrus in order to create the perfectly balanced smell although this has changed in recent years and there is a much greater range of fragrances now available. However, floral smells are mostly still reserved for women's fragrances because they are considered feminine rather than masculine. Do remember that some fragrances will smell different on other people and always remember no to overdo the amount you wear otherwise you will overpower people.

Gift sets are often available which will often contain a body wash or shower gel as well as a bottle of cologne or fragrance. These do make great gift ideas especially as many men now love to wear fragrance with some having a collection to rival that of their wife or girlfriend. There are also many different men's fragrances that have been released in conjunction with a line of clothes or as a masculine alternative to a particular woman's fragrance.

Different fragrances do smell different on some men compared to other men. Typically, this is to do with how dry or oily the skin is and the presence of more oil in the skin can interact with the fragrance and make it smell different when compared to how it smells on somebody with drier skin. Experiment with different fragrances to find the one that you like best.

While some men do like to experiment with new smells, others prefer to find a fragrance they like and then stick with it. Companies will, for this reason, tend to offer a particular range for some time so if you find a smell you like you shouldn't have to worry unduly about it no longer being available.

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Article By: Adam Nicolson

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