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Whether you are a paramedic or simply a designated first aider in a place visited by large numbers of the general public, the necessity of first response should never be underestimated. Whilst it may seem as though doctors themselves are likely to have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to saving lives or reducing the affect a certain incident has on someone’s life, in many situations it is actually the initial response and treatment that will dictate how effective treatment or recovery will be.

Whilst the majority of paramedics and first aiders will be fully prepared to treat an individual who needs help, when there are multiple people needing treatment all at the same time, the response can suddenly be far less effective.

There are many instances where injuries amongst a number of different people can rear their heads, and many different locations and situations in which such problems can be seen. From forces of nature to premeditated violence, even simple freak accidents can leave many people with numerous different types of injury.
As such, anyone involved in first response should make sure they have the right first aid equipment to deal with all manner of different potential problems. Whilst many public organisations will have very well stocked first aid boxes, many actually overlook just how important more focussed equipment could be.

For instance, everything from evacuation equipment through to defibrillators may well be needed in certain circumstances and if you are not prepared for first response, both in terms of the relevant training and the equipment needed to deal with a wide range of problems and even potentially with multiple problems, then you may well find that those in need have far less chance of being okay in the long run.

First response is far more important than many people give it credit for, and it is the best chance that many people will have to ensure their lives are saved.

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Article By: John Arbuthnot

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