Lasik eye surgery is a relatively new type of surgery. It is the process of correcting a person's vision by reshaping the cornea to restore normal vision. Many people have questions or have heard various things about lasik surgery. Here are some lasik facts to help demystify this procedure.

Who Is A Candidate?
Some people think that any one can have lasik if they so choose. This, however, is not the case. There are many things in your medical history that could disqualify you from being a lasik candidate. Certain medications that you are taking could interfere with the surgery or the healing process. Some types of vision problems are not helped by lasik. The best thing for someone considering lasik surgery is to talk to a doctor.

Can Both Eyes Be Done At Once?
One lasik fact that is on many patients' minds is whether both eyes can be operated on at the same time. Most doctors will do lasik on both eyes at the same time. If you are having PRK, it is advisable to wait a week or so between surgeries because it takes longer for normal vision to occur.

Does It Hurt?
Lasik surgery does not hurt during the procedure because anesthetic drops will be put in your eyes. Pain during recovery varies, but most patients report only minor discomfort. Usually it is an itching or minor irritation that lasts for a few days.

How Long Does It Take?
Another great lasik fact is that is is a very brief surgery. The laser portion of the surgery takes less than a minute per eye and the entire procedure only takes around 15 minutes. It is an outpatient procedure, so you should be in and out of the doctor's office in about an hour.

How Soon Can I Drive?
You should have someone drive you home from the procedure since your vision will be blurry for a while. You should not drive on the day of the surgery, but can resume as soon as you can see clearly enough.

When Can I Return To Work?
You can go back to work as soon as the next day, however, many doctors suggest an additional day or two of rest.

Can I Wear Make Up Right Away?
In about a week you can resume wearing makeup. You should discard your old makeup and purchase new to reduce the chances of infection.

Will I Need Additional Check Ups?
Check ups depend on the doctor. Typically, you will come back the next day, then one week, then one month, and finally three months after the procedure.

What Are The Side Effects?
Dry eye affects some people, and usually subsides with time. Other patients report a halo or stars around the edge of their vision, which worsens at night. This too, typically fades over time. Less than 1% of patients' vision worsens.

How Much Does Lasik Cost?
The lasik fact remains that the cost varies depending on the surgeon. It can cost as little as less than $1,000 per eye to more than $2,000 per eye. The average cost is around $1,575 per eye.

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