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There are many types of dental treatment that you may have to experience when visiting your Hull dentist. Some of the procedures are relatively simple and take very little time while some problems can be hard to diagnose and equally difficult to treat. Below are some of the more common treatments that patients have to have when they visit their dentist as well as one or two of the more unusual courses.

Fillings are one of the most common requirements in dental patients. When part of a tooth wears or decays away it leaves a hole which can potentially lead to greater problems. A filling literally fills this hole in order to protect the tooth and its roots. Fillings are a band 2 treatment, costing £48, which will usually pay for a white filling at the front of the mouth or amalgam fillings towards the rear of the mouth where they are less prominent.


When the centre of the tooth or the root becomes infected, it may be necessary to have root canal treatment at your Hull dentist. This will prevent the infection from spreading further and may negate the need to have your tooth extracted at a later date. The infection is removed from inside the root system and the area is filled before being fitted with a crown in order to help prevent further infection.

A crown is typically a metal cap that is placed over an existing tooth in order to protect a broken or otherwise damaged tooth. It can also be used to improve the look of a tooth. This typically requires the drilling down of your existing tooth so that it can be used like a peg onto which the crown is placed. This will usually take two or more visits to your Hill dentist practice.

A scale and polish is often provided with your consultations and is effectively a professional clean provided by a dental hygienist. The teeth are scaled to remove any plaque and tartar build up before being polished to buff them up. Scaling and polishing is not the same as teeth whitening, and the latter is usually only available through private treatment. is a leading Hull dentist that specialises in the provision of high quality dental services to NHS patients. Enjoy transparent pricing as well as lower prices compared to private treatment, but don't sacrifice on quality.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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