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To cure something is to ensure that it does not come back. If the condition comes back, then it was not cured, but rather suspended or placed into remission. The condition that is known as tonsil stones has a cure, and it does not include surgical intervention. There are even methods in which one can actually prevent tonsil stones, making the need for a cure non-existent. After all, it is far better to prevent a condition rather than have to rely upon a cure for the condition.

As of yet, medical science dictates that the only way to prevent tonsil stones is to remove the tonsils. The tonsil stones cure is also the removal of the tonsil, although there are some techniques that the medical community uses to treat tonsil stones. There are some serious side effects to the removal of the tonsils. The most prominent risk with any surgery is death due to a complication with the medication used to relax and put a person to sleep. This is uncommon, but not unheard of, and can be absolutely avoided by avoiding surgical intervention for tonsil stones.

Another common idea for a tonsil stones cure is the use of salt water. The salt water is thought to break down the calcified stones and wash away the particles in the tonsils that can form into the tonsil stones. This method is thought to be a method to prevent tonsil stones as well, although the method has some serious flaws. This method means that the saltwater must be warm and it must be able to surround and move around the tonsils. This can be difficult for some people to complete. Most people have difficulty gargling warm water, and the salt can add to the difficulties with the flavor and texture of the fluid.
There is another problem with the idea of using the salt water as a tonsil stones cure as well. The salt water gargle poses the risk of an individual choking, aspirating or drowning in the water that is used to clean the tonsils. This method to prevent tonsil stones can actually increase the chances of death due to process. The method is not recommended for children or for those individuals who are not proficient in gargling. In addition, there is the potential for the salt to find its way into the folds of the tonsils and become a tonsil stone, making the prevention actually become a cause.

There are some very efficient methods that are true tonsil stones cure tactics out there. One of the best is an ancient Chinese technique that not only cures the tonsil stones, but it works to prevent tonsil stones in those who do not currently have tonsil stones. The method is safe and easy to participate in. The method is an ancient secret that has been kept safe in the minds of the Chinese herbalists and it works.

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