Have you ever thought, "I've got blackheads!" or "I want to get rid of my pimples!"? Ever wondered why that girl has got such flawless skin, and you don't? Don't envy her. YOU can have flawless skin as well. Routine and eating activities show an early mark on your face. If something you eat is beneficial for your health and skin, you will eventually notice a healthy glow on your face. And if you taking something unhealthy then you will probably notice some marks and pimples on your, which are never welcomed.

First step in achieving flawless skin is to determine your skin type. Skin ranges from oily, normal to dry.

It is of vital importance to know your skin type and then accordingly treat it for making it healthy and glowing.
Blemishes occur due to various reasons. If your skin is exposed to sunlight for longer duration, you are more likely to develop marks and blemishes. Sunlight causes severe skin damage to skin including sunburn and tanning.

You should maintain the oil balance of your skin if your skin is oily or dry. If your skin is excessively oily them switch on to gel based and powder based products rather than cream based products. On the other hand if your skin is dry, go for cream based products. They will keep your skin moisturized and prevent it from drying. Women with dry skin are more likely to develop wrinkles at an early age while, women with oily skin are more prone to acnes.

Some are allergic to natural environmental substances such as dust particles. They also cause damage to your skin. You may get rashes and itching on your skin. You may also develop red patches.

Try to stay away from all those allergens that cause skin damage.
You should to healthier diet to get beautiful skin. Here are some tips that will help you out to get a blemish free skin:

All the beauty products out there ranging from natural (fruits and vegetables) to laboratory synthetics cannot make your skin glow if you are: Stressed, eating junk food, sleep deprived and sedentary. Your skin tells your life story.

     Include lots of vitamin C in your diet. It detoxifies and gives you a healthy glow. Eat citrus foods. They help in reducing the blemishes from your face.
     Take adequate vitamin E. it makes your skin healthy.
     Include fish and eggs in your diet. Protein also helps your skin to stay healthy.
     Drink lots of water.
     Apply lemon on your face to get rid of any marks and improve your complexion.

Many diseases affect your skin. They may be hereditary or may develop by themselves. If you have some skin disease, then consult a dermatologist. They will help, provide you with medicines, will give you proper and effective treatment. Consult a good skin specialist to get proper skin treatment. Skin doctors have plenty of experience and will sought out an effective remedy suiting your skin. There are more than 9 lacs dermatologist and skin doctors in Delhi. You can also fix an appointment online through This will save your time and energy.

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