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"The laying on of hands, known as 'the Divine Touch,' was performed by Kings in England and France, and was believed to cure scrofula, a name given to a number of skin diseases. The rite of the king's touch began in France with Robert II the Pious, but legend later attributed the practice to Clovis as founder of the kingdom, and Edward the Confessor in England. The belief continued to be common throughout the Middle Ages." - Wikipedia (retrieved Jan 1, 2007)

"And when the men of that place recognized Jesus, they sent word to all the surrounding country. People brought all their sick to him and begged him to let the sick just touch the edge of his cloak, and all who touched him were healed." - Matthew 14:35

"I tell you the truth: Anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing." - Jesus of Nazareth, quoted in John 14:12
Fundamental Truths to Ponder As You Do This

1) Despite what our senses tell us, everything is the same thing - one Whole. Nothing is separate.

2) Distance - space - is not real either. There is only Here, and There does not exist.

3) Time is not real. Past, present, and future are misguided observations. There is One moment.
4) In the final analysis, all that was, is and ever will be is a Whole, Here, in One moment (WHO).

I would teach you Reiki traditionally, if it made sense

I love Reiki, the traditional Japanese energy healing system. It connected me to the Source in a meaningful, easy-to-learn, non-dogmatic way. It started me on a wonderful healing journey, and introduced me to people who help the world every day. I am also thrilled that it is becoming more popular. I became a practitioner, then a Reiki master, and that led me to scholarship, and now this.

But its fundamentals can be taught better. Why? Because even Reiki practitioners acknowledge that people and especially animals (more on that later) use healing energy unconsciously, all the time.

Ancient knowledge: no certificate necessary

Touch heals. Your dog or cat will sit by you, and share calming energy, when you do not feel well.

A hug brings comfort when we are sick or sad. It is naturally given, and naturally received.

We automatically put our hands to the location of the pain, whether it is a headache or toothache.

We grab and hold our stubbed toes and our burnt fingertips. Why?

These capabilities are genetically hard-wired. Using our own energy to heal is something we already know how to do, to a lesser degree.

Reiki is different

I am showing you to connect to the Source, instead of using your own energy to heal. But first you need to learn to distinguish between your efforts and energy from the Source.

What not to do: making your own Energy Ball

The best way to learn is by making mistakes. Let's do it wrong so you can tell the difference.

1. Put your hands in front of you, facing each other about six inches apart.

2. Now cup them, as if you were holding a ball in your hands.

3. Begin to feel the energy centered in your abdomen rise up through your body to your arms. Feel it move from your shoulders through your biceps and over your elbows. Let it travel down your forearms, and into your palms and fingertips.

4. Allow the energy to emerge from your hands to create a ball of energy.

5. Notice what it feels like. Does it feel heavy? Warm? Does it tingle? Play with it a little bit.

6. Once you are finished with it, take your ball and return it to your body.

The good part about what you just did was you felt energy. It is subtle, right? But if you felt something - even a little bit - you are ready to continue.

Do not read any further if you felt nothing...

... simply because you may be wasting your time. You might want to try again, when you are more relaxed. Energy is subtle, and it is really about little barely noticeable tingles at first. But those tingles are very important, because they indicate the movement of energy. Our goal here two-fold: the detection of body energy, and the summoning of Source energy. Try again if you did not feel anything.

Nine out of every ten people feel it

Usually, the person who cannot feel it will feel it if he or she tries again. It has a lot to do with how relaxed the person is, and his or her degree of openness to the experience.

Scanning: Learning to feel the energy of others

To do this well, it is helpful to have another person or even an animal present.

1. Slowly move your hand toward the other and wait to feel the tingle, or warmth.

2. Practice moving your hand in and out of the tingle zone, slowly.

3. Run your hand along the tingle zone, up and down the body.

4. There are places where the tingle can be perceived further away.

5. The more you practice, the further away you will be able to feel the tingle.

Depending on circumstances, some beings have expansive energy around them. Others are more constricted. My best guess is that it has something to do with feeling connected to the world around them. It also naturally fluctuates with changes in thought and mood - it is a state, not a trait.

Seeing energy auras

This is an subtle skill, that sometimes I can do, and sometimes I cannot. For me, it depends on lighting and how plain the wall or sky is behind the person or being.

1. First, step outside and look above a line of trees. See if you can observe a slight color difference between the sky near the treetops and the rest of the sky.

2. Now, step inside and regard another person or animal against the backdrop of a plain wall.

3. Some people find it easier to look at a person's shoulder. Allow your eyes to become unfocused and relaxed, until you see the color difference mentioned above.

4. Follow that color difference around the outline of the being's body.

It is often easier to observe plant energy, mainly because plants naturally connect to the Source, whereas people have a more difficult time doing this (more about this later). Thus, people hug trees.

Now that you have felt energy and perhaps seen it, it is time to connect to the Source.

This is the most important part: the Source

It cannot be over-emphasized. Everything flows from this Connection.

It is the Harmonic Influence of the Universe.

It is always calming, always healing, and always correct.

It can never do harm. It can only do the highest good.

It is the frequency to which all true healers are attuned. It is the healing vibration.

It is the source of all true intuition.

It is universal peace.

It is the reality of one Whole, right Here, in One moment (WHO).

Most importantly: the Source is the Agent. It flows through us and does its Will.

We do not control it, but we can become part of its Energy. This is channeling.

Is the Source another name for God?

One of the beauties of my traditional Reiki training was that it was un-dogmatic. It was made very clear to me that one did not have to be religious to do Reiki, but it accepted the possibility that divine influence may be involved. It is a spiritual, and not a religious, tradition. I find value in that. While I know that many equate the Source with God, you must find your own answer on this matter.

I will acknowledge that I enjoy looking for traces of common themes and healing practices, like those I mentioned above, across different world religions and cultural traditions. More will be presented.

How to connect to the Source

All of us have a time in our lives when we felt totally at peace, happy, and whole. Remember this time. Recall memories of how expansive and masterful you felt. Evoke the joy.

1) Your energy changes as you call this time to mind, opening you up. Allow it.

2) Envision all the Good, Healing and Calming energy in the universe flowing through you. In your mind's eye, see it coming through the top of your head, and down over your neck and shoulders, and washing over your whole body, to the toes.

3) Notice what it feels like. This is very important - the Source is embracing you.

4) Once you feel this - and you notice the Warmth and Resonance - allow it to flow through the top of the head, over your shoulders, down your arms and out of your palms and fingertips.

It really is that simple.

If you stopped reading right here, you would know how to connect to the Source and let it flow.

This is the most valuable thing I have to tell you. The rest is about how to use it, but it is not as important. Many of the things I will write are things you may already know. But you may want to look at it, just to make sure that your ancient, intuitive knowledge is harmony with what is presented.

The self-healing tradition

Now you are channeling the energy. You can summon it many ways, perhaps by thinking or saying to yourself words such as Source, Reiki, Energy, or saying a prayer. Wait for it, and the tingle will come.

Now you may use it on yourself, to wash away trapped negative energy you have accumulated, and be bathed in the energy from the Source. This allows the matter-energy to resonate with the Source, and is traditionally thought to enable or hasten profound healing, relaxation, and creativity.

The tradition states that hands are to be held flat, with all fingers together and thumbs gently to the side. These hands do not grab. They are conduits for the Source, which is doing the work.

The energy is doing the work. It easily traverses layers of clothing, so as such, they do not matter.

1. Place the hands over the eyes, with fingers on the forehead. Allow them to remain there for about three minutes. You should feel the energy start to slowly tingle your hands and warm your and third-eye region. Think of it like slowly turning on and off a spigot. Three to five minutes is a common length of time per position - it may take longer or shorter. The energy will start, flow, "go where it needs to go" and then slowly stop. With resonance, move on to the next step.

2. Put hands on the sides of the face, resonating with emotional centers. Repeat the process in the first step.

3. Place the hands over the back of the head, bringing your spiritual center to resonance. Repeat the process in the first step.

4. Place hands over your neck, or slightly above your neck, chin, and top of chest. Allow them to rest however is comfortable for you. This allows the energy to clarify your unique voice. Repeat the process in the first step.

5. Place two hands in different locations on the abdomen in the solar plexus region. This is a major center for anxiety. Some people like to put one hand on their abdomens, and another on their foreheads. Others position their hands on their lower backs. It is up to you. Bring these areas to resonance, as above.

6. Some people sit up to do their knees, a symbol of one's ability to move forward. I find value in this, especially because so many people (including myself) have joint problems there. Bring these areas to resonance if you desire.

7. Some people, particularly athletes, find value in also treating their feet. Again, it is up to you. You may also apply the energy anywhere else you wish. Bring the area to resonance, and allow yourself to rest before continuing your activities.

Do this as often as you wish, anywhere you wish. It does not have to be conspicuous.

What does it do?

That is up to you. I will not make miraculous claims, though that is how this tradition got started. But at the very least, it is a deeply relaxing activity that promotes healing. Modern medical science is very clear about the health maintenance and recovery benefits associated with deep relaxation.

I believe these energy treatments work best in conjunction with the blessings of modern medicine. I believe they help ameliorate the side effects of many medicines, too, and retain the benefits.

It is powerful symbolism. Healing such as this has pan-continental, pre-historic roots.

Using it with other people

The same hand positions apply. I do not recommend standing over the person for long periods of time. Try to break it up as much as possible.

I strongly recommend using it only with close family members, partners, and friends. Otherwise you are using it as a paraprofessional. I do not recommend it due to liability concerns.

In addition, you may wish to add the following positions with another person:

1) Any combination of shoulders, elbows, and hands may be useful, as they represent a person's ability to bear stress and influence the world.

2) Positions along the back and neck feel excellent for most people, and are often the location of stored stress.

Of course, use appropriate judgment when working with other people. Some people may only be comfortable with your hands a few inches away from them. That is fine - it will still work. You are not doing massage; you are practicing a spiritual technique. As such, no contact is required.

It grows stronger with practice

Think of yourself as a lightning rod, which is steadily gaining altitude each time you conduct the energy. The more exposure you have to the energy, the stronger a conduit you become. With practice, you will become a great conduit.

And suddenly, you will BE: become energy

You will notice that your hands will start to tingle in different situations. They may get warm and splotchy like mine do. What is likely happening is that someone nearby is accessing your energy conduit - you are a lightning rod for the harmonizing energy of the Source. Notice it, smile, and let it flow - because it knows where to go, even if you do not.

Do by not doing

Remember: It is not you doing the work. It is the Source. The energy is merely flowing through you, and should be restoring you as it passes. If you are feeling unduly exhausted from doing this work, you are probably contributing your own personal energy - trying to manipulate the outcome instead of letting the Source take control.

Don't do that. There are plenty of healing systems out there which teach that method, but that puts the onus on you. This discipline is about surrendering your influence to the harmonizing Source.


As your intuitive centers heal, ideas may occur to you. This is your intuition giving you clues. You can share them with the recipients of the Source energy. Sometimes they have meaning. And sometimes, the Source will teach you how to access it.

For me, the words, "Everything is OK" opens me wide open for channeling the energy. Another phrase may work better for you. The Source will teach you as you access it.


Traditional practitioners of Reiki are clear on this point: they are not the healers. The Source is.

Even people who charge for it should not be charging for the Energy. They appropriately say that they are charging solely for their time. The energy is free.

No one is "better" at this than anyone else. Some people are more or less intuitive, or their hands get warmer. Others seem to have a knack for locating pain, or talking about things that matter.

The Energy "goes where it needs to go" anyway, whether or not these things are happening.

So forget about ego in this process. It should not exist, and if it does, there is a problem - not with the Energy, but with the conduit.

Now you know all that you need

You know how to access the energy and let it flow. You know the underlying non-judgmental, non-elitist thought traditions of the discipline. The rest of this book is for the interested and curious mind.

Here is a list of ideas and insights, passed to me by my Reiki mentors, that I am passing to you.

You may use Reiki to:

1. Bless your food. It can help cleanse bad energy (what happened around it that you don't know about) and leave the food pure for your consumption.

2. Connect with animals. Animals are naturally responsive to Source energy. They take it in very fast - don't expect to do a 45-minute treatment on a cat! Five minutes is a long session for these natural energy consumers.

3. Connect with nature. Letting energy flow while swimming in the ocean is a favorite for me.

4. Digest a large meal. This was one of three original "miracles" that the modern Reiki founder Dr. Mikao Usui performed when he came off of Mt. Koriyama and ate a large meal - without getting sick - after three weeks of fasting.

5. Send healing energy to Planet Earth. There is actually a website dedicated to this called EarthSend. I participate in this. The group performs a Reiki healing for the planet every Friday night. For more information, visit Earthsend.

6. Connect beyond the apparent physical reality. You may summon Source energy to connect you to loved ones far away, or who lived in another time. Some use it to connect to religious figures and deities as well, to receive more Source energy with which to do good works.

7. Harmonize a tense situation. You can carry calming energy into a hectic situation, by letting it flow when other people are stressed and/or suffering.

8. Heal your past or future. You can send Source energy back in time or forwards, since the time boundary does not really exist anyway. This can be powerful for recovery from trauma or dealing with a challenge you know is coming in the future. You may also bless others with this gift.

9. Follow the Energy. Accompany it where it journeys. Notice its flows, and marvel at it.

10. Be present with others. Sometimes the conversation hits a lull. Often, communication cannot be made with others at all - whether it is a quiet place, or someone is unable to speak due to medical problems. As you learn to BE, you will learn that your mere presence is a blessing because you are channeling the calming energy of the Source. So you will learn to sit quiet and still on the inside, knowing full well that because of your ability to BE, you can meaningfully be present with silence.

The Reiki Ideals

by Mrs. Takata, who brought Reiki to the West

The secret art of inviting happiness. The miraculous medicine of all diseases.

Just for today, do not anger. Do not worry and be filled with gratitude. Devote yourself to your work and be kind to people

Every morning and evening join your hands in prayer. Pray these words to your heart. Chant these words with your mouth.

Usui Reiki Treatment for the improvement of body and mind.

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Article By: Dr. R. Wolf Shipon

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