How Shelving Can Help Ensure Injuries are Avoided

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There are numerous injuries in the workplace that could be avoided simply by having the right racking or shelves. Whilst correct lifting procedure is hugely important, and often not taught to employees, the actual racks and shelves themselves can play a big part in ensuring lifting and moving items does not lead to injury.

Around 20% of all injuries in the workplace result from improper lifting. However, whilst a big part of this is down to the individual not moving items in the right way, in a surprisingly large number of cases, the racking systems can also be to blame.

By having the right storage, those lifting things will be able to more easily place such items on the relevant shelf. This means that not only will the right storage be needed, but also the right access steps. Many back injuries arise from staff trying to place heavy items high above their heads from the floor when simply offering the right access to higher shelves could avoid such injuries altogether.
The right storage can make a huge difference to safety and even efficiency. Should shelves not be at the right height to promote safe lifting, accidents are likely to rise proportionately. Simply choosing storage solutions that are adjustable, intuitive and, where needed, mobile, staff are likely to be able to not only place items on the shelves more easily, but also access those items on the shelves quickly and efficiently too.

Knowing what you are storing is extremely important when buying storage solutions. By choosing a generic shelf system, you are likely to have something that is far less effective and far less safe too.

Always try to buy storage from sites that specialise in such items and be sure that not only is it designed well for what you need to store, but that it is also strong enough to easily take the weight of every item it might need to.

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Article By: Jhon Alley

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