Healing All Diseases With Thoughts And Feelings

Medical & Health Self Cure Healing All Diseases With Thoughts And Feelings

You can only heal the body by healing the consciousness. All diseases originates from within, and therefore can only be healed from within. Medicine only facilitates healing but it does not heal. What matters is not the medicine, but rather how you think of it. All disease that manifests in the outer, physical body has arisen from within the conscious or subconscious mind. They are the effects of your thoughts and feelings.

Stress is the main cause of "dis-ease" which results in a lack of ease in the mind and body. If you experience stress in your consciousness with your thoughts and emotions, it will manifest in your physical body in some way. Worry causes stress. If you worry about your health, you will remain unhealthy and your health will worsen. You do not have to make yourself healthy because health is your natural state.

Your beliefs affect what your consciousness allows to manifest in your physical reality. If you believe you can "catch a disease" such as a cold, you will catch it. If you know that you cannot catch a cold or flu no matter where you go or who you are exposed to, then you never do. This understanding gives you the power to enter into any place that has the presence of disease without fear of contracting any of it because you know it can't attach itself onto you without your consciousness allowing it.

When you take a medicine with the mindset of "I have a disease and therefore I am taking this medicine for it", the medicine reinforces the disease. When you take a medicine while thinking about the disease you are hoping to cure, you are attracting more of the same. But if you believe that taking the medicine will cure you, it will. This is how the placebo effect works. It is not the substance contained in the medicine that brings about the "cure", but the belief that it will cure you.

The term given to this effect is "eucharist" which means saying grace. A eucharistic act is the act of eating or drinking something while associating it with a positive thought. The substance being eaten or drunk is of no importance, but a thought with a corresponding action serves to reinforce the thought and give it more power. That is why saying grace and giving thanks for the food that you eat actually causes it to have a positive effect upon your body.

When medicine is taken with unhealthy thoughts, the negative eucharistic effect reinforces and perpetuates the disease. You can avoid becoming ill in the first place by thinking only healthy thoughts, and thoughts conducive to remaining healthy. If you do contract a disease, know and think beyond all doubt that you are in perfect health and feel the positive emotions of joy, happiness and gratitude associated with it.

If you get a headache, or sneeze, or feel uncomfortable in any other way, do not think that you are falling sick or similar thoughts. Instead think about how well you feel, and do anything to keep your emotions and vibrations high. Sing or play your favorite song. Do something that makes you feel joyful. Diseases are low vibration and positive feelings of high vibration will repel them out of existence. Disease cannot exist in a body that is in a high emotional state.
A disease is an unrest. You need to put yourself in a state of rest for healing to occur. Stop doing things that take too much of your energy. Do something relaxing. Do something that allows energy to flow into you rather than away from you. Give yourself plenty of rest and your body will recover much faster. More importantly, take your mind of things that are intense, but allow your mind to rest as well. Relax in what you are doing and enjoy it. You will find that it becomes relaxing instead of stressful.

Know, beyond all doubt that you are in perfect health, and that you have the power to remain in perfect health without the need to consume any artificially created cures. Your doctor will be amazed when you are no longer "ill" but are in perfect health. He will attribute it to the medicine or even a "miracle", but you will know the truth. The truth is there is not one single ailment, illness or disease in existence that cannot be healed using the power of the Mind. Not one.

Everyone has an etheric field of energy that emanates from their physical bodies. It is also the health aura of their being. When their etheric field strength is low, it enables negative energy to enter and affect the physical body. Always be aware of how you are feeling because that is the strength of your etheric energy field. Never allow your emotions to be too low for too long. When you keep projecting a strong positive energy field, you are invulnerable to negative energetic attacks of sickness and disease.

When your consciousness and vibrations are stronger than your environment, you will find yourself affecting those around you instead of being affected by them. When you step into the presence of the sick and dying, instead of contracting their sickness, they will contract your energy of life and strength. They become healed by the mental atmosphere and positive energy that you are projecting.

From now on know only perfect health, and if you do think you are "going down with something", immediately reject those thoughts, and affirm to yourself your perfect health, and know it is impossible to become "ill" and that will be your reality. Never think thoughts of disease, sickness or illness. In fact get those words out of your mind and don't even use them as descriptions. Think only in terms of energy, vibrancy, strength, freedom and liveliness.

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